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19174 Bullet Trap Maintenance for LCSO Training Range

Addendum 1

Addendum #1 (10/7/2019) Picture

Q#1: Is this an indoor or outdoor range?

  • If indoor, do you have doors leading to the range that is at least 3’6” wide?
  • If outdoor, are the ranges easily accessible? Is it grass? Dirt? Asphalt? Etc.
    • Is the rubber wet?

A:  Lake County Bullet Trap Training Range is located outdoors. The range is easily accessible the entrance consists of asphalt.  The range consist of 62% asphalt and 38% grass. The rubber is contained under an awning.  Any moisture is due to environmental condensation. See above picture link.


Q#2: How many bays do you have?

A:  Lake County does not have bays and the range is outdoors.  See above picture link. 


Q#3: How wide is each range in feet?

A:  The range is configured in a “U” shape.  The middle section is approximately 105’ long, 10’ wide, and 7’ tall and is the widest section.  Both sides are approximately 45’ long, 10’ wide, and 7’ tall.

The hopper is 9’ tall by 2’ wide.


Q#4: Do you know how many rounds are shot into each lane per year?

A:  The number of shots is unknown.


Q#5: Would you like to add flame retardant to the rubber?

A:  No


Q#6: Our machine requires 250v, 30amp, 3 phase power to run. We will cover up to $1,200.00 to have the outlet(s) installed. Are you okay with this?

A:  The power at the range is single phase. We are not looking to install new outlets at the current time.   Lake County suggest bringing in a portable generator.   See above picture link.


Q#7: Are there any special requests that we need to know? Mining overnight, etc.

A:  All schedules will be approved in advance to assure no training is taking place during the contractor visit.  There is no activity that occurs after 9:00 PM.


Q#8: What type of rubber is it? Granulated, chopped conveyor belt, etc.?

A: Granulated


Q#9: Do you shoot frangible bullets on the range?

A: Yes


Q#10: Would you like vendor to handle the disposal of hazardous waste?

A:  Yes.  Please refer to items 32 and 33 on page 11 in the bid document.


Q#11: Are you wanting the vendor to recycle the removed lead from the range?            

  • If not, please know that it is upon you to provide barrels and pallets for the job. I will provide you with the information on how many barrels and pallets are needed for the job.

A:  Lake County would like the vendor that is awarded the contract to recycle the lead from the range. Please refer to items 32 and 33 on page 11 in the bid document.


October 14, 2019

Addendum #2

Q#1: How will the recycling lead credit be handled?

             MT2’s recommends a 50%/50% split of the net value1/ of the lead. This is mutually beneficial to both parties as the more lead recovered, the more profit earned for Contractor and Client

             Additional options would be for the department to keep 100% of the value of the lead, but this will increase the project cost as the lead proceeds are used by Contractor’s to offset pricing; the other side is that the contractor keeps 100% of the value of the lead, but this can be difficult to estimate and guarantee lead totals and therefor difficult to offer best value pricing to the client   

A:  We would like to do a 50%/50% split. However, we would like Lake County Sheriff’s Office’s portion to be credited to our invoice. 


Q#2: Section 4.0 on page 14 references prevailing wage please provide the current wage schedule

A: Please reference page 10 of the bid document.  Lake County has provided the link to access Lake County Prevailing Wage Rates posted on 7/15/2019.


Q#3: Is there another Site Visit scheduled for the project?

A: Yes, Next scheduled site visit is Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM at 15900 Russell Road, Russell, IL 60075.


*****Correction to front end bid document*****


The following enclosed documents shall be a part of the Contract Documents for this project:

  1. “Labor Statutes, Records and Rates,” dated February 2014 date is incorrect should have read July 15, 2019.


October 18, 2019

Addendum #3

Q#3: Per I. Scope of Work, A. Initial Maintenance (Contract Year 1) 1. Bullet Trap System Maintenance, b. (page 13), please provide the O&M inspection instructions and recommended procedures to adhere to. If not available, how will this performance be measured?

1/Net value is determined as the recycled value of the material less the same percent of the cost of containers, pallets, handling equipment, transport, and applicable taxes, to be used to offset project costs

A:  Specifications, Section 1:  Scope of Work, Subsection A:  Bullet Trap System Maintenance, Item d:

  • “Perform assessment inspection of the existing bullet trap system for excessive wear or obvious damage.  Report assessment inspection, in writing, with recommendations for remedial work, in accordance to market standards, if necessary.”
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