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RFP#202005BP - RFP Ravine and Streambank Site Restoration 9950 and 9968 Marguerite Lane in Beach Par

RFP#202005BP RFP Addendum Blog

Revision Date May 29, 2020

If there was an issue with the PDF packet in the Purchasing Portal during your registration, the “RFP Packet” has been refreshed though the service and is now available for viewing/download if there were issues.

Revision Date June 2, 2020

Addendum #1 to the BID DOCUMENTS

To all registrants for Contract No. RFP#202005BP - RFP Ravine and Streambank Site Restoration 9950 and 9958 Marguerite Lane in Beach Park Illinois

Addendum Date 6/2/2020

Modifications to the bid documents are modified and clarified, as follows: 

1.) Replacement of RFP Project Location addresses. Previously noted in Bid Documents and Bid Posting as 9950 and 9958 Marguerite Lane Beach Park IL 60099. The correct addresses for this project and Bid are as follows: 9950 and 9968 Marguerite Lane Beach Park IL 60099.

Revision Date June 4, 2020

The following Forms were uploaded to the Documents Section of this RFP.
- Vendor Disclosure Statement Form
- Responsible Bidder Affidavit Form

Revision Date June 8, 2020
Presubmittal meeting presentation slides added to RFP documents.

Revision Date June 9, 2020
Waiver Of Liability Form added to RFP documents.

Revision Date June 11, 2020, June 12, 2020

Questions & Answers to date:

Q: We are very interested in submitting a proposal for the Ravine and Streambank Site Restoration in Beach Park, Illinois.  Are plans available at this time?
A: The RFP is a public bid to solicit engineering services to develop plans.

Q: Do you anticipate extending the bid due date?
A. No

Q: What additional details are you willing to provide, if any, beyond what is stated in bid documents concerning how you will identify the winning bid?
A: No additional details exist beyond those identified in the Bid Documents.

Q: Was this bid posted to the nationwide free bid notification website at
A: No

Q: Other than your own website, where was this bid posted?
A: Publication Name: Lake County News-Sun  Publish Date: Saturday, June 06, 2020

Q: You mentioned the construction budget is $195,000.  Is there a budget for the design/permitting services?
A: There is a design budget of $43,900.00

Q: The RFP says there is an H&H model available.  What type of model is (HEC-RAS?)
A: There is HEC-RAS cross section as part of a 2013 Floodplain Study.

Q: Does SMC expects additional modeling effort is needed, other than revising the existing model to simulate the proposed condition for comparison?
A: Not as part of this RFP.

Q: I do notice that RFP#202005BP indicates the box culvert under Sheridan Road may be replaced in the future. I am wondering if verifying FEMA's cross-section data should be included in RFP#202005BP or if this work would possibly be done as part of a separate project.
A: This issue does not need to be addressed as part of the RFP. SMC anticipates IDOT will be replacing the culvert and they do their own permitting through the IDNR.

Q: Can you make available all the slides from today’s meeting?
A: There are posted in the RFP advertisement for download as a PDF.

Q:Regarding geotechnical work, can you clarify are soil borings are available?  If not, are they expected to be provided by others?
A: SMC does not have any soil boring information for either these sites. If as part of your RFP response geotechnical borings are needed include in your scope of services.  

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