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RFP 16183 Group Term, Optional LIfe and Long Term Care Insurance

Addendum #1

July 6, 2016

Can you please provide the following information:

1.      Copy of the current benefit booklets

Response:  The benefit booklet is included herein.

2.      Employee census which includes the following information:

Date of birth, Gender, Salary, Salary pay mode ( annually, semi-monthly, weekly, by-weekly, hourly), Inforce employee voluntary life amounts, Inforce spouse voluntary life amounts, Inforce child voluntary life amounts, Inforce basic life insurance amounts

Response:  The census report is included herein.

July 16, 2016

Q: Please provide a copy of a recent monthly billing statement / premium remittance statement to compare census volumes to reported volumes. 
A: Lake County utilizes self Bill and use the Census to Pay – there are no differences.

Q: Please provide a rate history from 2013 for each line of Life and AD&D coverage.
A: See attachment

Q: Please confirm you are requesting an age-banded rate table for both basic and supplemental coverages. 
A: Age Banded only for Supplemental; the desire is to keep similar set up to current design

Q: Please provide a detailed listing of all death claims incurred since 1/1/2013.
A: See Claims Experience

Q: Please provide a list of open Waiver of Premium claims, including gender, date of birth, date of disability, and amounts of life coverage for all current disabled insureds.
A: Currently none

Q: Will the life insurance plan be self-administered/self-billed by the employer, or will the insurance carrier be responsible for maintaining individual employee records and for generating monthly invoices? 
A: Currently we are self billed with the Carrier Administering Claims processing and EOI processing. Please provide costs for both scenarios.

Q: Please provide a description of your claims submission process; including such items as information gathering, submission, follow up and resolution. 
A: The beneficiary and the Employer complete a claim form and the Beneficiary submits to Carrier.  Carrier completes process.

Q: Please provide the details of your current portability and conversion administration process. 

A: See Portability Attachment

Q: Do you currently use a TPA or software vendor for your benefits enrollment and eligibility? If so, can the name of the vendor be released? 
A: We use our in house Oracle System
For purposes of coordinating waiver of premium with the LTD plan, what is your LTD definition of disability? 
We do not currently have LTD; Requesting quotes and information

Q: Please describe your Evidence of Insurability process; including such things as submission, follow-up and notification. 
A: If EOI is required; EE completes form and submits to carrier; Carrier informs EE and ER of decision once complete; Form attached

Q: Please describe any established file transfers you have in place today.
A: Currently None

Q: What is the best way to communicate with your employees during enrollment and throughout the year? 
A: Open Enrollment materials; Lake County Intranet; Emails

Q: Are current beneficiary designations held electronically or on paper? 
A: Electronically

Q: Who holds current beneficiary designations? 
A: Lake County

Q: What is the process to share beneficiary information with the current carrier?
A: At the time of a claim the last known signed form is sent in with the claim

Please Also see the below attachments.

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

Attachment 3

Attachment 4

Attachment 5


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