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Question 1.  I was wondering if there is an addendum or something that gives more specifics about amount of Remus used yearly ( on average) where the locations are as it states it's comprised of 34 dept. with approximately 2,700 employees  and a 500 million operating budget

Answer: Addendum instructions are noted within the document of the RFP on page 4 item 11. We are not sure what REMUS means? The locations are all located in Lake County IL and maybe at the various Lake County locations yet TBD.  

Question 2. In order to properly bid can we please get more info on how much is spent on average for this temp/ temp to perm and executive recruitment.

Answer: This is unknown however we are not looking at temp to perm hire  we are seeking an Executive recruiter to fill yet to be determine openings throughout the contract period.  

Question 3. How many people were ordered on average and locations.

Answer:  As stated on page 11 section 2 on an average Lake County conducts about three executive recruits each year.

Question 4. Please elaborate on the tiered pricing process. (Include discounted or tiered pricing based on the number of recruitments awarded in a set period of time if applicable)

Answer: This pertains if your firm is willing to provide additional discounts if your firm is used for multiple Executive searches either at the same time or within a set period of time.

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