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Countryside Manor Water Tower Replacement

Addendum #1


Question 1. Do you have a cost estimate for this project? If not, would you be able to provide a rough estimate of what your budget might be for this project?

Response:  $1.2 million.

Question 2. What is the estimated start date of construction on this project?

Response:  We intend to award construction contract via 7/12 County Board meeting.

Question 3.  Might you be able to tell if, you may have designed a Cathodic corrosion system for this new tower being replaced?

Response:  The requirements for cathodic protection are in the specs.

Question 4.  Can you please provide the site address of the water tower?

Response:  30109 N Park Lane, Libertyville, IL 60048


Question 5.  Will the Contractor be required to obtain any building or construction permits for this project?  If so, what is their cost?  Are there any other licenses or fees that the Contractor must pay for?

Response:  The contract documents call for the contractor to secure the demolition permit for the existing water tower.  This permit will come from Lake County Planning, Building and Development.  They should be contacted for any   estimate of their fees.     

Question 6.  Has an Obstruction Evaluation/Airport Airspace Analysis (OE/AAA) been filed with the FAA?  If one has been filed and completed, are the results available?

Response:  Based on FAA Form 7460-1, this project does not require submission to the FAA.

Question 7.  Will there be any 3rd party inspection(I.e. TIC, KLM, AEC etc.) on construction or painting? If so, who will it be and on what portion of work? 

Response:  Only as laid out within the contract documents.

Question 8.  The tank head range is shown as 30’-0, our standard head range for this size and style of tank is 32’-3, will this be acceptable?  If acceptable, do you want us to hold the HWL or LWL?

Response:  This is acceptable. Hold the HWL.

Question 9.  The Interior Dry coating specification calls for a Thermal insulative coating, Series 971 Aerolon to the underside of the belly only.  On this size and style of tank, the only area that would be considered the underside of the belly in the inside dry would be the access tube cone, which is a very small area.  Please consider removing this requirement as the cost to install will be substantial to the amount of area affected.

Response:  This is a discussion for after bidding is complete and the construction contract is awarded.  Bids should be completed as laid out in the contract documents.

Question 10.  When the existing tank is demolished, are we to demo any of the existing foundation?

Response:  The specifications will be revised to include demolition of the existing water tower foundation to 24 inches below grade.


Question 11.  Does the Owner have a preferred SCADA vendor?  If so, please supply name and contact information.

Response:  Wunderlich-Malec is probably most familiar with our SCADA system.

Question 12.  Is it know if the paint on the existing tank contains lead?  Has it been tested?  (if so, please forward results).

Response:  It is not.  We will add a bid item to the project to conduct the lead based paint testing and a bid item to cover additional demolition costs if lead based paint is found.

Question 13.  Are air test results available?

Response:  No.

Question 14.  Was there ever an inspection report done?   (if so, please forward if available).

Response:  Yes, see attached assessment from 2010.

Question 15.  Is there foundation removal?  if so, how much.

Response:  This was already answered by addendum.

Question 16.  Do you have as built drawings of them?   

Response:  Yes, see attached as builts from 1962.

Question 17.  What are the requirements for the restoration of the end of Park Lane asphalt to the water tower site?  It appears that the existing asphalt lane that goes to the existing water tower and ball fields will not be adequate to support concrete trucks, loaded semi-trailers, or cranes.  It also appears to be very narrow to the fence and landscaping at the entrance.

Response:  Site shall be restored to preexisting conditions before the project will be considered complete.  Revised plans and specs will be issued with this in mind.

Question 18.  There are power/telephone lines at the end of Park Lane that appear to be hanging very low, what is the height of these lines?

Response:  The lowest overhead line is at least 15 feet from the pavement.  If this is not sufficient CONTRACTOR shall arrange and provide for resolution.

Question 19.  We did not see an estimate for the settlement in the geotechnical report.  Can the geotechnical engineer please provide an estimate on overall settlement and differential settlement?  If beneficial, we can provide a foundation load sheet to assist in the settlement estimate.

Response:  The magnitude of settlement is dependent upon a combination of design factors which include foundation elevation, foundation dimensions and load applied to foundations.  If each contractor has a different foundation design and structure loading, they should individually calculate the estimated settlement based on the soil information provided. 

Question 20.  What is the appropriate seismic site class for the tank site?

Response:   A soil Site Class D can be used for seismic design.   

Question 21.  Section 015000 calls for a field office for the Contractor’s personnel and a Field office for the Engineer’s personnel.  We plan to utilize our construction trailer as the field office for our personnel, is a separate field office required on site for the Engineer’s personnel?  We typically do not see a field office required on site for smaller elevated tanks.

Response:  Remove parts 1.2.A.3 and 2.2.A.3 from Section 01 50 00.

Question 22.  Section 015000 states that we shall provide security of the site, both day and night.  Are we required to have a security guard on site at all times or will the temporary fencing and standard security measures meet the site security requirement.

Response:  Means and methods of security will be up to the CONTRACTOR.

Question 23.  Has there been a determination as to tree clearing or is the determination for tree clearing up to the Contractor?  Are there specific trees that cannot be removed?  We see at least two trees that will require removal, but see many additional trees that may require removal to complete our construction operations.

Response:  Trees shall be removed as necessary, but approval of the tree clearing plan should be obtained from OWNER prior to any clearing taking place.

Question 24.  Drawing Sheet C6 shows a valve vault with three valves, however, does not show adequate detail as to what is required by the Contractor.  Is the valve shown in the existing 8” waterline existing or is it required to be installed by the Contractor?  Are the two pressure connections shown to be hot taps?  We do not believe if two hot taps are required, there will be enough room inside one valve vault to fit the two hot taps and three additional valves as the two hot taps will need to be a ways apart from each other.  Also, what material is the existing 8” waterline that we are tying into?  Please provide additional detail of the specified valve vault.

Response:  All three valves shown are new valves to be installed by CONTRACTOR.  The water main in question is 8 inch PVC.  The valve vault shall be sized accordingly to facilitate proper alignment of two pressure connections and one insertion valve in between the pressure connection sleeves.  Access to each valve must be provided so OWNER can operate the valve from ground level using a standard valve key.  If this means installation of individual vaults for each valve, a rectangle vault or a cast in place vault so be it.

Question 25.The specification references an “XL Anode Assembly” which was provided by Cathodic Protection Services (CPS). CPS was purchased by Corrpro and has discontinued this product.  Please allow the Corrpro PEMANODE anode system as an equal to the specified system or contact your cathodic protection supplier for an updated system.

Response:  The Corrpro PEMANODE anode system as an equal to the specified system is acceptable.

Question 26.Is there a direct contact with Greengard that can be contacted for clarifications outside of City’s website or this email address?  If so, please provide name and contact information.

Response:  All inquiries must be routed through Lake County Purchasing as laid out in the contract documents.

Question 27.  Please confirm that the Owner is handling the silt fence inspections and will be providing the NPDES permit.  Will the Contractor be required to obtain a land disturbance permit?

Response:  OWNER will obtain any land disturbance permit as part of the building permit.  Any necessary Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Inspections shall be the responsibility of the CONTRACTOR.  The bid form has been revised to reflect this.  An NPDES permit is not necessary as the project disturbance is less than one acre.

Question 28. Will the Contractor be required to obtain any permits or pay for any inspections in regards to the tank demolition?

Response:  Per Section 33 16 20 CONTRACTOR shall obtain the demolition permit and satisfy any permit related requirements.

CONTRACTOR shall obtain a Special Movement Permit(no fee or bond required) from the Libertyville Township Highway Department.  OWNER will be responsible for pavement failures not due to CONTRACTOR’s negligence.

Revised Documents

Revised Plans

SECTION 40 95 63

SECTION 32 31 13

SECTION 01 21 13

SECTION 33 16 19.13

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