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Bid #23141 - Mill Creek WRF UV Disinfection Replacement

Addendum #1

December 8, 2023

Additional Question and Clarifications

December 6, 2023

Question:  Where do the electrical conduits come into Building 50 and where they are stubbed up at inside the building?

Response:  The Drawings have been developed based on information provided from record drawings of past projects. Per the Bid Form:  “Bidder has visited the site and become familiar with and satisfied itself as to the general, local, and site conditions that may affect cost, progress, performance and furnishing of the Work”.

Question:  At the UV Building could the electrical conduits out of the existing electrical box (the one right outside the personnel door) be routed out of the top of the existing box and then into the building?

Response:  Conduit routing is Contractor’s means and methods. Conduits shall be routed in accordance with requirements in Division 26 and code requirements.

Additional Information

November 30, 2023

Comment: The Lake Co online bid detail page states "Questions Due Date/Time: 12/20/2023 12:00 PM, CST"; however, the project manual states "All questions shall be submitted no less than twenty (20) days prior to the bid opening date." which is 5 days before 12/20. Please confirm final date to submit questions.

Response: Project Manual, Instruction To Bidders, Article 7.01, page IB-5 ("All questions shall be submitted no less than twenty (20) days prior to the bid opening date.") is correct.  All questions are due by Friday December 15, 2023, 12:00 pm, CST.

November 22, 2023

Question:  Is information available on the type of siding that is on the existing building?

Response:  Please see the attached document:  Existing Siding

November 7, 2023

Question:  Would it be possible to obtain an opinion of probable cost for the subject solicitation?

Response:  The Engineer's current OPCC (opinion of probable construction cost). is $1,267,250.

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