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Bid #23052 - Janitorial and Housekeeping Service

Addendum #1

April 10, 2023

Page 3 of the bid document has been replaced with the attached revised page 3.


April 18, 2023

Question:  Is it possible to provide a general break down of carpet, tile, wood etc for each building?

Response:  Lake County estimates the break down to be 60% carpeting and 40% hard surface.  The hard surface would encompass all types of flooring and areas.

April 19, 2023

Attached are some pictures of typical office areas located throughout the County - Pictures

Question:  Does the square footage and number of bathrooms listed for the Division of Transportation include all of the Garage/Shop/Lab areas that need to be serviced daily which are outside of the main building? 

Response:  There are 6 bathrooms not in the main building but in the shops.  The shops themselves are not part of the cleaning contract.

Question:  Please confirm that the Sheriff’s Highway Patrol on 1301 North Milwaukee Avenue should be serviced 7 days per week. 

Question:  Please confirm that the 911 Center on 1303 North Milwaukee Avenue should be serviced 7 days per week and the Communications portion of the facility should be serviced 5 days per week.

Response:  Both facilities are to be cleaned 5 days a week.

Question:  Page 4 is requesting Unit Prices for special project work that is already included as part of the scope of work under Semi-Annual and Annual frequency.  Please confirm that the Unit Prices on Page 4 would be for work requested by Lake County that would be above and beyond what is already included as part of the scope of work. 

Response:  Unit prices will be used for services above and beyond the scope of work.

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