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Bid #22003 Promotional Assessment Evaluator

Lake County, Illinois is seeking proposals from qualified Consultant to work alongside the Lake County Sheriff’s Commission as a Promotional Assessment Evaluator and adopt the Rules, Regulations and Procedures defined in the Scope of Work.  There are three steps in the Sheriff Merit Commission Promotional process: Written Exam, Oral Interview, and Promotion Assessment.  Testing is conducted for Sergeant and Lieutenant positions every two (2) years.  Next schedule test will be performed in Fall 2022.

Addendum #1


January 4, 2022

Q#1: What vendor has most recently performed these services?
A: None, the Sheriff’s Office has used consulting firms for new entry level candidates written exams to become a deputy.  Scenario based examinations for promotion to the ranks of Sergeant and Lieutenant is the new program we want to initiate. 

Q#2: How many candidates can be expected to particulate in the assessment center for each rank?
A: The County can not provide an estimate at this time as this is a new step in our promotional process.  The most effective way to determine an approximate # would be to try to find an average of the Deputies that have participated over the past couple of testing years.  The # of Deputies testing for Sergeant is always greater than those testing from Sergeant to Lieutenant.  This is a voluntary decision.  Open to further discussion with the selected Vendor.

Q#3: Who is responsible for providing/compensating the assessors?
A: The Lake County Merit Commission.

Q#4: Will the Merit Commission consider using video recordings to provide candidate feedback in lieu of written reports?
A: This can be discussed further with selected Vendor.

Q#5: Is a formal job analysis required? If not, is job analysis data available for each rank?
A: Not, quite sure how to address this question but this will be a collaborative effort in the planning meetings both the vendor and department will decide to determine duties and responsibilities.

Q#6: Will the County provide the venue in which to conduct the assessment center exercises?
A:  Yes, this will be discussed further with the selected Vendor.

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