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Bid #21018 - Printing Services for Utility Bills for Lake County Public Works

Addendum #1

February 3, 2021

Question:  Is it possible rather use you permit we can use a postage account for your county and enter the mail in this location mixed with other clients for the best qualification and lower postage rate.

Response:  Please refer to the Specifications-Postage Rates section of the bid for requirements.

Question:  Our implementation team will require 90 days for County set-up after receipt of necessary information. Does this eliminate us from bidding on this project?

Response:  Lake County will except bids from all vendors if your company cannot meet the implementation timeframe please indicate that and take an exemption.

Question:  Will the County provide samples of existing envelopes, documents, and bills?

Response:  Samples have been provided.

Question:  The Bid document includes language about local preferences for contractors within Lake County. Is there a local requirement that may affect the scoring of the bid or the award of the contract?

Response:  No.  Lake County is collecting this information for reporting purposes only.

Question:  Will the County accept a high-quality continuous print method for the production of your bills rather than using a form shell/template?

Response:  Please refer to the Note to Bidders, General Terms & conditions, and Specification sections of the bid document. 

February 1, 2021

Question:  On page 9 of RFP it says bill is 3 colors, one sided. The sample they attached to the website is 3 colors front and 2 colors back. Which is correct?

Response: The bills are indeed double sided:

*Front: tri color printed, generated monthly based upon the billing file
*Back:  2 color, printed stock.  The content of this page is standard. 

The current vendor has these pre-printed in stock pile, and prints the customer account bill on the 2nd (blank) side.

Question:  Is the 4 week implementation a firm timeline?

Response:  The new contract must be in place by April 8, 2021.

Question:  Can we use our window return envelope in lieu of the non window envelope currently being used?

Response:  Lake County has provided an example of the envelope currently in use.  The bidder may use an alternative envelope with the approval of Lake County Public Works.

January 29, 2021

Question:  Page 7 #18 references Bid sheet I titled “BIDDER’S VALUE ADDED SERVICES” – that sheet is not included in the bid package or on the bid site.

Response:  The value added services form has been provided as part of this addendum.  THE FORM CAN BE FOUND UNDER THE DOCUMENTS SECTION IN THE ORIGINAL BID POSTING.

January 28, 2021

Question:  What is the reason for going out to RFP at this time?
Response:  Current contract expires on April 8, 2021.

Question:  Are there any service-related issues with your current vendor?
Response:  Not at this time.

Question:  Is Lake County looking for something specific the current vendor does not offer?
Response:  All of our requirements have been identified in the invitation for bid.

Question:  Is Lake County using a double window outgoing #10 envelope and #9 single window reply envelope – is it possible to obtain samples scanned front and back?
Response:  A sample envelope has been provided as part of this addendum.  THE SAMPLE CAN BE FOUND UNDER THE DOCUMENTS SECTION IN THE ORIGINAL BID POSTING.

Question:  Are there any inserts to quote with this project and if so, may we obtain specifications or samples?
Response:  If inserts are required, this would be handled case by case basis.  At this time a sample is not available.

Question:  What time of day are files typically sent?
Response:  Files may be sent from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Question:  Who is the current vendor for this project?
Response:  The current vendor is Data Integrators.

Question:  What is the current cost per piece the County is paying for this service?
Response: This information can be provided under the IL Freedom of Information Act.

Question:  Does Lake County require billing documents to be archived and if so for our long (12, 24, 36 months or longer)?
Response:  This will be negotiated with the awarded contractor.

Question:  What is the final day vendors may submit questions for this project?
Response:  02/02/2021 5:00 PM, CST.

Question:  What is the approximate award date for this project?
Response:  On or after 3/9/2021 County Board approval.

Question:  Given the sensitive nature of financial data and confidential information contained in the County’s billing files, does the County require or prefer Companies that carry Cyber Liability Insurance?
Response:  Section 17. Insurance has been revised to include Cyber Liability.
Cyber Liability Insurance for property damage to electronic information and/or data; first and third-party risks associated with e-business, internet, etc., with limits of insurance not less than the following: $ 1,000,000 per occurrence limit.

Question:  With regards to Disaster Recovery, does the County prefer that multiple back up facilities be located in different regions of the Country in order to minimize risk that could affect an individual state or region?
Response:  Please provide a copy of your disaster recovery plan for Lake County to review.

Question:  Does the County require sample approval prior to each mailing following Go-Live?
Response:  Yes.

Question:  Is it possible to obtain a copy of the utility bill, front and back and in color, if applicable?
Response:  A sample redacted bill has been provided as part of this addendum.  THE SAMPLE CAN BE FOUND UNDER THE DOCUMENTS SECTION IN THE ORIGINAL BID POSTING.

January 22, 2021

Question:  On page 10 question #10 – is the LCPW logo on the #10 envelope color or black-only?

Response:  The logo is color.

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