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Bid #20000 Ford OEM Parts

Addendum #1

December 23, 2019

Question 1:  The bid references Ford Blue Box parts, will this contract include the Motorcraft OEM Red Box parts too or just the blue box parts?

Response:  Yes.

Question 2:  If Motorcraft Red Box parts are included in this bid, will the same mark up on the bid apply for both Blue and Red Box OEM Ford parts?

Response:  The percentage mark-up applies to all items included in the bid.

Question 3:  Will OEM Ford Powertrain parts be included in the bid? 

Response:  Yes.

Question 4:  Are there any benefits of being an MBE or WBE company?

Response:  Not at this time.

Question 5:  Is there any previous tabulation or pricing for a current contract of these parts?

Response:  No.

Question 6:  What are considered “Major Assemblies Repair Parts”? 

Response:  Just as the description suggests, engines, transmissions, axle assemblies, seat assemblies. Basically any part that is main component with many parts that make an assembly.

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