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Bid 18036 2018 Digital Orthoimagery Bid

Addendum #1


Question 1.  Please confirm the Summer and Fall ortho-only flights are to be 3” capture resolution.

Response:  Summer and Fall captures are to be 3” resolutions.

Question 2.  Is the Fall flight to be leaf-off, or can it be performed in October-early November when leave are still partially on?

Response:  October-early November is acceptable.

Question 3.  Is the orthoimagery to be 3-band color or 4-band?

Response:  3-band color.


Question 4.  Can you provide a copy of Lake County’s data distribution policy? 

Response:  One of the core responsibilities of the GIS Division is to provide a high level of customer service by publishing maps and GIS data on the Internet -

Question 5.  Do all three flights require that imagery be produced to meet or exceed ASPRS accuracy standards?

Response:  Yes.

Question 6.  What is the timeline for deliverables for the Summer and Fall flights?

Response:  Summer April, Fall July.



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