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Bid 15242 Live Scan Fingerprinitng System

Addendum 1


Question: What is the lifecycle of the current JMS (provided by TriTECH)? When the Office address replacement of this software?

Response: TriTECH was purchased in 2006 at present there is no plan to replace the Jail Management Software, there is a maintenance agreement and upgrades take place about every two years.

Question: Will the Office need to replace the livescan machines if a new JMS is acquired?

Response: LiveScan (fingerprint scanner) is a standalone system, a valid System for acquiring fingerprints will pull the necessary data from any standard data set. One is not dependent on the other.

Question: How will the Office fund the Livescan effort (budget/grant/combination of both)?

Response: It is a budgeted item and would be purchased soon not Grant related.

Question: Technical contact for the Sheriff’s Office for this effort?

Response: All  questions are to be directed through Purchasing until Bid has been awarded

Question: Will Lake County provide a data dictionary or other document that gives details of the data elements and format of the import file coming from TriTECH?

Response: TriTECH sends the individual files to LiveScan during the booking process and files format/data element will be provided.

Question: Does Lake County require the Livescan systems to be housed in a “self-contained ruggedized cabinet” with the cabinet included in the pricing?

Response: We do not require a rugged security cabinet, the smaller the footprint the better, depending on the system and size of the components, we will determine how and where the equipment is housed.

Question: Would the Lake County Purchasing Division please provide clarification regarding what is required for the "Service Level Agreement" listed under letter "G" of the "Submission Of Bids" section on pg. 5 for Bid No. 15242?

Response: This is asking for Bidders to provide what Service Level agreement you will be providing in support of your product and services.

Question: Can the bid be mailed in or must it be presented in person?

Response: The Bids maybe mailed, however we must receive by the 2:00PM deadline on the 9th floor as noted in the RFP.

Question: In Section A, Line Item 5 the description is “Integration with Jail Record Management”.  Is that describing a requirement to import records from TriTECH’s Inform RMS software?  If so, will you provide a sample output file from that software?

Response: Yes and at this time we will not be providing a sample output file.

Question: Although it is not explicitly described, is a kiosk required?

Response: No.

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