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17196 2017 Public Works Painting Projects


September 26, 2017

Item # 1:  Group 1 Lift Stations:

  1. Sprucewood Lift Station shall be postponed until spring for mechanical work to be completed.
  2. The successful bidder shall submit payment per each lift station as completed.
  3. The inside diameter of each station is approximately ten feet in diameter (bottom where the pumps are).
  4. The ceiling height is approximately seven foot six inches high.
  5. The Saunders road lift Station will require the floor to be leveled.

Item # 2: Group 2

NEC Pump Station – The building dimensions are 12 x 25 x 12.  The County is looking to prepare between 3,500 to 3,600 square feet of the lower section of raw screen room. 


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