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17089 Pharmacy Benefit Manager Service


Q) Is a disruption and geo also required for the Medicare population (attachment C2)?
A) The County is not ask for the disruption at this time.

Q) Do retirees contribute to the retiree drug plan, if so, how much is the retiree’s contribution (%)?
A) Retires pay 100% of the premium however this is not separated out from the medical benefits.


Q) Can I get  a census file with zip codes?  The one we have doesn’t have zip codes and we need the zip codes to do the GeoAccess.
A) Please see the attached census with zip codes.


Q)  Does Lake County currently have an EGWP program in place?  If so, who is the provider?
A) Yes, Lake County has an EGWP in place and ESI is the vendor.


Q) Could you provide contact information for Judy Ott at BCBS?
A) Once a vender is selected through this procurement process this information will be shared however at this time the County doesn’t want to inundate BCBS with calls and/or inquiries.


Q) Could you please provide the name of the rep at BCBSIL, as we need to discuss integration with them prior to moving forward?
A) Judy Ott

4/28/17 -

Q) Could you also tell us who the incumbent medical carrier is that we would need to integrate with?
A) Blue Cross Blue Shield is the current medical carrier and yes the PBM will need to integrate with that provider.

Q) How many eligible retirees and family members is Lake County providing benefits and its Lake County currently participating in a EGWP program?
A) Based on the member counts, there are 155 retirees/members eligible for the EGWP program

Q) Can you provide me with TAB 8.0 Response to Questionnaire Medicare  D A) Please see the link below for the Medicare part D Questionnaire

4/26/17 - Q) One of the minimum criteria states: “Vendor must have a minimum of 1,000,000 covered lives. “Can you please confirm if this is a strict requirement? A) Proposers can still submit a response to this RFP with a noted exception if they are unable to meet this requirement.

Q) Page 14 of the RFP details the Submittal Requirements of this bid. Tab 8.0 references a Medicare Part D questionnaire; however, I don’t see that in any of the documents. Can you please advise? A) Yes, correct the attachment should have been attached as part of the RFP. See attached the Medicare Part D questionnaire.

Q) There are two (2) claims files attached: Attachment C1 and Attachment C2. What are the differences? A) Attachment C1 is current commercial employees and Attachment C2 is for retirees over 65 years of age

4/18/17 - No questions at this time