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15259 Payment Service for Utility Bills for LCPW

Addendum #1


Question 1.What is the average utility statement amount due?

Response 1.  $154.00 per two month bill.

Question 2.Do you require real-time (AR) updates to your CIS Software?

Response 2.  This is not mandatory but is desired.

Question 3.Is there any eCheck requirement?

Response 3.  Yes.

Question 4.  Can you send us a sample of the exported files you can produce? PDF, CSV, etc.

Response 4.  See the attached sample file and file layout.

Question 5.  Is it necessary to have a Merlin system or can we use our scanners to verify with the intelligent bar code?

Response 5.  This (Merlin System) is not mandatory but is desired.

Question 6.  And to save on postage can your county mail service pick it up at our location and add to your other mail?

Response 6.  Postage is a requirement of the bid. We will not pick up bills once printed.

Question 7.  Can we offer 24 to 48 hour turn depending on time we receive data. Post Offices have strange hours.

Response 7.  Printed bills must be mailed within two business of receipt of the print file.

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