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15237 Healthcare Consullting and Audit services

Addendum 1

1.    How is open enrollment done?

Response:Open Enrollment (and on-going benefit management) is conducted in-house using Lake County’s Oracle Advanced Benefits module.

2.    Is there a separate group that manages all other benefits i.e. vision, dental?

Response: Human Resources also manages all other benefits in-house. Our other benefits are fully insured or completely voluntary.

3.    Is the Consultant to provide support customer service and claims issues?

Response:The Proposer will be expected to be a liaison between Lake County and our vendors (currently BCBSIL, ESI and Truven). They will act as an advocate for the County if there are disputes and during renewals.

4.    The scope of work references access to a data warehouse tool.  Can you please clarify if the winning bidder is actually required to bring a full service data warehouse tool (such as Ingenix or Truven) to the County, as part of the scope of work?  Or is the successful bidder merely required to work with the existing tool the County uses?

Response: The Proposer must have the ability to bring a full-service data warehouse tool such as Truven (our current data warehouse tool). It is essential that the proposer provide a robust tool such as Truven in addition to the expertise to analyze the data and use it to make recommendations for how the County designs our plan offerings and addresses compliance issues such as those under the ACA.

5.    The scope of work references an Employer Group Waiver Plan for Medicare eligible participants.  Does that mean the retiree population has a completely separate Employer Group Waiver Plan arrangement for its post-Medicare retirees?  If so - is a successful bidder required to have experience working with Employer Group Waiver Plans?

Response: Yes. The County has a standalone Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) for Medicare eligible participants. It is essential that the     proposer have extensive experience working with EGWP plans    and in managing compliance with the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) regulations.


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