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Workforce InnovationOpportunity Act Youth Programs for Lake County

January 10, 2018

Q: We are currently operating a community youth employment program and have several business partnership MOU's.  Our existing partners have agreed to extend their services to the WIOA Youth program as well.  Can we use our existing Program Partnership MOU's or do we have to have them do new MOU's for this grant?
A: Existing employer partnerships can be included as part of the proposal. Entities that are selected and awarded WIOA funds may need to modify existing Partner MOU’s to ensure terms and conditions align with WIOA grant funds.

January 4, 2018

Q) 1.  Below is the answer to a question regarding what the performance goal is for the local Board.  The WIOA performance measures negotiated by the Workforce Development Board of Lake County for PY2016 and PY2017 are:
• Employment rate 2nd quarter after exit; performance goal: 58%
• Employment rate 4th quarter after exit; performance goal: 66%
• Credential attainment; performance goal: 80%
What were the results of the 2016 performance for the local area in the 3 areas? A) Performance was not measured and reported against the WIOA Performance measures in 2016.

Q) Since equipment charges are not allowable under this grant will computers be provided at the One Stop office if space is secured? A) The Job Center of Lake County does not provide computer equipment for use by partners of the MOU occupying space in the Job Center.

Q) Is the state data base to record case management services,  activities etc, IWDS? A) Yes, the state data base is the Illinois Workforce Development System (IWDS).

January 4, 2018

Q) What is the cost to rent space in the One Stop office?  A) Currently the Job Center of Lake County does not rent space to agencies that are not a partner to the Job Center of Lake County MOU and cost sharing agreement. The agencies that are partners to the MOU and are co-located at the Job Center contribute $362.08 monthly per cubicle space to the facility costs. 

Q) What is the average cost per Cube?  A) The monthly cost per Job Center cubicle for a partner to the MOU is $362.08 and is subject to change annually. Per Office? The Job Center of Lake County does not have office space available.

Q)Would the One Stop Operator have space available for 3 staff members, if selected? A) The Job Center of Lake County does not have space available for three staff from a partner agency.

December 15, 2017

Q: Does this RFP allow for Profit?

A: Yes, under WIOA Section 121(d) & 134(b), Private For-Profit entities may serve as service providers and fair & reasonable profit must be negotiated as a separate line item of cost (2 CFR 200.323).

Q: As you proposal allows for for-profit organizations to respond per WIOA regulations, I am hoping you can direct me to the place on the budget where we can list the amount of profit presented for consideration.

A: Profit should be presented on the ‘Other’ Budget Line item.

**Fillable forms have been added to the RFP documents**

December 15, 2017

The following two changes were made to attachment E—Monthly Expense Report.

1. First change: (Located at top left corner)
The following has been omitted:
INSTRUCTIONS: Do NOT fill in this sheet. It will pull directly from the budget worksheet.
NOTE: Budgets reflect a 52 week (12 month) program year from 7/1/2018-6/30/2019

It was replaced by the following:
INSTRUCTION: Budget reflects a 52-week (12 month) program year from 7/1/2018 - 6/30/2019.  Enter your total budget by line item in column C. Allocate those expenditures by month in columns F through R. Columns F through R will be summarized in column E. Column E should equal column C requested line budget.

2. Second change: (Located in Column C, row 12)
The following has been omitted:
Awarded Budget

Is was replaced by the following:
Total Budget

December 1, 2017
Q) What are the numbers of in-school and out-of-school youth currently being served?
A)Thirty-six in-school youth and eighty-eight out-of-school youth are currently being served.

Q) What are the current performance outcomes?
A)The WIOA performance measures negotiated by the Workforce Development Board of Lake County for PY2016 and PY2017 are:
• Employment rate 2nd quarter after exit; performance goal: 58%
• Employment rate 4th quarter after exit; performance goal: 66%
• Credential attainment; performance goal: 80%

Q) When will the negotiated median earnings be determined by the Board and how should proposers respond to this requirement?

A) The Board does not have a timeframe from DCEO as to when the median earnings goal will be negotiated. Proposers can use past program performance to determine their proposed median wage.

November 30, 2017

Q) On page 20 under Organizational Information there is not a maximum page limit specified, please clarify.
A) The Organization Information should be included in the submission of section e (Program Description) and the maximum page for this section is 10 pages

Q) Please define low income as it pertains to this RFP
A) Proposers should use the WIOA definition for low income when submitting a proposal in response to this RFP

Q) On page 22 the Budget Narrative is discussed in section 3. Can rent costs be included in this narrative? 
A) Rent costs can be included that are direct program expenses

Q) Can a program connect with the One Stop Operator in response to this RFP?
A) Yes, the One Stop Operator can be contacted directly and a partnership can be developed if desired by the proposer.

Q) Are there specific target geographic areas in Lake County that the grants will be awarded too?
A) No, all of Lake County is eligible

Q) Is there a requirement for funds to be spent on training?
A) No, there is not a requirement

Q) What are the projected youth serviced per program?
A) There is not a specific number however in the past the average number has been around 20 youths service per program

Q) Can an existing program propose expanding services to respond to this RFP?  
A) Yes