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WEllness Program Service Provider


Q) For the evaluation factors listed on page 18, how are they scored (e.g., ability to design a results-driven program is worth X% of the score)?
• Understanding and ability to meet and/or exceed the scope of services – 25%
• Ability to design a results-driven program with strategic incentives to increase employee participation in similar sized organizations. – 25%
• Variety and range of services provided to employees through the wellness platform – 20%
• Project Plan – 15%
• Cost Proposal – 15%


Q) Can you please send us the Lake County’s Information Security Policy and Privacy Standards for review? A) This policy and standard does not apply to this RFP service, please disregard.

Q) Will you consider/accept redlines on either the General Terms and Conditions and the Information Security Policy referenced above? A) All redlines to the General Terms and Conditions need to be notes as exceptions in the RFP response in order to be considered by Lake County

Q) There is a “maximum cash payout” of $450 (previously $600). How much of that payout is based on HRA completion, on the screening, and on event participation? (for 2017) A)For 2017 it was $150 for employee and $50 for spouse

Q) What kind of biometric tests are being run (e.g., standard lipids, expanded panel, cotinine, etc.) and is the method via fingerstick or venipuncture? A)Standard lipids with A1C and it is via fingerstick

Q) In the response to a previous question in the addendum, you say that spouses are included in some aspects of the current program and you want proposers to recommend a wellness offering we believe would be most suitable to you. How many spouses/partners are eligible to participate in the program currently, and what aspects are they included in? What incentives, if any, exist for spouse/partner involvement? A) Spouses were able to participate in the 5K, receiving $15. They could submit extra points for preventative screenings (med-dent-vis-colonoscopy-mammogram-osteoporosis) they received $10 for each screening with a max up to $120. Disease Management, $25 for EE or SP. Exercise classes $5 for each session maxing $20. Flu Shot, $5. Sanctioned races $3 per mile, no max. Self-reporting $3 per month. Smoking cessation, $25. Weight management program $1 per week

Q) Is Lake County open to the idea of a three-year contract term instead of a two-year term? A) Yes

Q) Does Catapult currently administer both an HRA (paper? online?) and biometric screenings, or is the HRA a separate document or online questionnaire developed by another vendor? A)Onsite biometric screenings

Q) Question A2 says that onsite biometric screenings are a “future need” – is Lake County contractually required to use Catapult or another biometric vendor through a particular date? If so, when? A)Catapult contract ends 6/13/18

Q) What kind of biometric tests are being run (e.g., standard lipids, expanded panel, cotinine, etc.) and is the method via fingerstick or venipuncture? A)Standard lipids, fingerstick

Q) What kind of health coaching (onsite, telephonic, online; lifestyle management, disease management), if any, is currently offered to Lake County employees? Who provides the existing program? Is participation incentivized at all? How much participation has there been? A) Health coaching - telephonic and online, lifestyle management, disease management is available through Blue Cross Blue Shield’s well on-target-program. The incentives are through well-on-target and not currently incorporated with Lake County Wellness program.

Q) Please clarify the timing of the formal presentation referenced in item J5 – shortly after implementation is completed and the program is launched? And would this be a single presentation to all of the groups listed (as opposed to one to Lake County administration, another to the Health & Community Services Committee of the County Board, etc.)? A)Yes, single presentation. The timing is TBD but I would assume it would be an annual executive summary report.

Q) A previous question in the addendum asks where in our responses you’d like us to include any addenda. If the addenda are just these vendor questions about the RFP, is there any need to include those questions and answers in our responses? A) No, but the addenda acknowledgement form is required

Q) If your benefit plan year is January through December, are you wanting to roll out the program to employees (and possibly spouses) on Jan. 1, 2019, or is there a different target date (besides the mid-May kickoff meeting already mentioned)? A) We were targeting June 2018 if possible

Q) Providing a “total price as a fixed fee for all services delineated in the RFP” may not be possible, considering various variables – such as coaching participation, incentives, participation in biometric screenings, fluctuation in the size of Lake County’s employee count, etc. Please advise on the amount of flexibility we can have in how we provide pricing. A) Please breakout the pricing if possible – what the pricing is running the program for employees, add price for spouse and prices for biometric screenings, etc

Q) The Termination text on page 4 appears to allow Lake County to terminate at any time for convenience as long as it gives 30 days written notice. Please advise on the amount of flexibility we can have regarding termination terms, especially if it is without cause. A)Any exceptions to the RFP should be noted in the proposers response. This includes exceptions to the Terms and Conditions found in the RFP.


Q) Are we able to send the final copy on a CD vs a USB? 

A) Yes either is fine


Q) For who Lake County awards business to, will they be using the vendor's contract and then integrating "General Terms and Conditions" stated within the RFP document? A) Yes


Q) Are you willing to use a different HRA than you currently offer?
A) Yes

Q) Is the county interested in an onsite wellness coordinator available full-time to implement wellness initiatives or simply wellness consultation services? A) The County is looking for Wellness Consultation Services.


Q) Can an editable version of the RFP document be made available? A) Not at this time. 

Q) Timing - What is the County’s benefit plan year, i.e. Jan-Dec? Jul-Jun? A) Jan-Dec

Q) Budget - Is there a set budget allocated for this project or is this RFP process exploratory in order to request budget approval? A) There is a budget allocated for this endeavor and County Board approval is required for professional services over $50,000.

Q) Page 3. If addenda are issued, where in our response would you like us to include them? A) All questions and answers pertaining to this RFP can be found using the addendum link.

Q) Page 20. Proposal Price Sheet. Pricing Table – Are spouses eligible to join the program? A) Spouses are currently included in some aspects of the current program however the County is looking for proposers to recommend a Wellness offering that they seem is most suitable for Lake County.


Q) Please advise the effective date you wish to pursue for the Lake County Wellness program
A) The County anticipates an initial kickoff meeting around May 14, 2018 and is looking for the proposer to advise on an implementation timeline to establish an effective date.