Lake County Addendum Forum

Testing Services for Lake County Sheriffs Merit Commission

June 11, 2019

Q) How much did the City pay for the last contract for all of the services requested in the RFP? A) This varies year to year

Q) If the services in the RFP were paid separately, and not as a lump sum, how much did the City pay for the following:

a. Deputy written exam? $3300 approximate
b. Sergeant written exam? $3300 approximate
c. Lieutenant written exam? $3600 approximate

Q) Who was the last company to provide the City with the services proposed in the RFP and what is their location? A) Industrial Organizational Solutions, Inc, Oak Brook, IL

Q) How many candidates participated in the previous written exam? A) Approximate SGT: 21, LT:4, Deputy: 100

Q) If there was an assessment center, how many candidates participated in the previous assessment center? A) Not applicable

Q) How many candidates are eligible for the upcoming promotional processes?
A) Approx. 100; however, this number can vary

Q) Can the same, or some of the same, 100 questions be used for the written exam or would the County like different questions for each rank? A)Different questions per rank

Q) Will the County provide all facilities for the promotional testing administrations? A) Yes

Q) Does the county want the testing processes to run concurrently? A) Yes

Q) When does the County want the promotional process completed by? A) Not applicable; timing may vary

Q) How many candidate orientations sessions does the County want for each rank?
A) Two per deputy level Summer and Fall

Q) Does the City have a previous job analysis for each police and fire rank that can be utilized during the job analysis process? A) Vendor to clarify question

q) Is the City willing to conduct development meetings for the promotional exams via webinar/phone conference? A) Include in quote for consideration

Written Exam
Q) How many questions will the written exam consist of? A)100 questions

Q) Does the County want the vendor present for the administration of the written exams?
         A) Include in quote for consideration

Q) Is there a protest period/item review that candidates are allowed to participate in for the written exam? A) We do want to provide candidates the opportunity to provide feedback at the end of the test booklet