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SOI #22123 - Professional Project Management for the Regional Operations & Communications (ROC)

Addendum #1

October 6, 2022

Question:  Page 6 of the SOI instructs us to include resumes for each proposed team member. Do we need to include resumes for support staff in addition to key personnel?

Response:  Please provide resumes for personal associated with the Project Management and Project Construction Engineer/Construction Tech roles only.  

October 5, 2022

Question:  Is there any requirement for D/WBE participation?  

Response:  No.

Question:  What is the anticipated cost for this project? 

Response:  $35.6M Hard Costs; $2.3M Soft Costs, $7.7M FFE & Owner Allowance Lines.

Question:  What is the anticipated consulting fee for this project? 

Response:  The consulting fee for this solicitation has not been established and will be based upon the selected capabilities and negotiated scope of services. 

October 3, 2022

Question:  Will the selected firm serve as the commissioning agent or manage the commissioning agent?

Response:  The selected firm will aid in the management of the commissioning agent; they will NOT be providing commissioning services.    

Question:  Page one of the SOI states that all submittals should be labeled accordingly and to use the label below. Should we include the label in our electronic submittal? If so, where should we include it?

Response:  Yes, please include it with your electronic submittal.

Question:  The Addendum Acknowledgment form on page 15 of the SOI instructs responses to be submitted in a sealed envelope. Is this applicable to this submittal since it will be uploaded to the portal?

Response:  The addendum acknowledgement must be submitted as part of your electronic submission.

Question:  Are all of the forms due at the time of submittal? Should the forms be included in our response document or uploaded separately?

Response:  Yes all forms are required to be included with your electronic submission.  You may upload them as part of your response or separately.

Question:  NPDES inspection - Is this a service that is to be part of the PM team contracted on behalf of Lake County through the PM or contracted directly with Lake Co, similar to ITL?  

Response:  DECI inspections are a requirement of Lake County’s MS4 permit.  Lake County is currently investigating multiple sources to secure these services.   The respondent shall show identify either their internal capability to perform these services or their ability to contract out for these services if requested to do so by Lake County.   The final inclusion of this scope of services will be determined once negotiations are entered into between Lake County and the selected respondent.   

Question:  Confirm understanding of the total # and nature of contracts that PM will need to develop and manage - i.e., is it your intent to award to multiple or single GC? The remaining typical contracts would include utility, testing agency, and CxA.  

Response:  Please review Exhibit B “Conceptual Schedule” for general intent on procurement counts and structure.    The selected PM would aid in oversight of all of these contracts.

Question:  What are your expectations in terms of grant reporting? Should this be a grant expert, or can this be managed as part of overall PM services? Should we anticipate that technical aspects will be developed by the A/E team?

Response:  Lake County will take lead on grant reporting and compliance.   The selected PM can expect to execute specific tasks assigned to them by the County.   (Ex: collecting certified payrolls, breaking invoices into grant applicable and non applicable expenses, working with contractors to provide information in time for quarterly updates).   

Question:  Confirm that CA's responsibility lies with the AE team, and PM provides management and oversight only to ensure timely and thorough resolution of any issues, except where Lake Co input /  RFI response is required.   Typically our scope would be to manage to scope, schedule and budget.  Manage the flow of information re: submittals, RFI's, etc.

Response: Confirmed, that is the general nature of this relationship. 

Question:  Who has primary responsibility for the mobilization and site utilization Plan development? GC develops, PM evaluates, suggests modifications to the contractor's plans, and ensures coordination with all stakeholders.

Response: Confirmed, that is the general nature of this relationship.

Question:  Closeout documentation - confirm PM role - primary responsibility with GC, and review by A/E.

Response: Confirmed, that is the general nature of this relationship.   

Question:  Proposal requirements - Section 3 - Confirm how minimum submittal requirements for key personnel minimum for the PM team differ from the architect /engineer team.  

Response: Section 2 – Relevant Experience requests information relative to the firms history in managing other endeavors, this may or may not include the same staff proposed by Respondent for this solicitation.  Section 3 requests experience by personnel being proposed for this specific solicitation.    In some cases, and for some firms, the individuals in section 2 and section 3 may be the same; should this be the case, simply note this, do not provide redundant information.  

Question:  Confirm the ten key attributes only applies the on-site (primary) project manager.  Or, would you also need the secondary PM or a potential replacement.

Response:  Respondent shall identify those attributes for their proposed project management team (whether that is 1 or 2 people).   Respondent shall make clear that any potential replacement exhibits the skill set required to perform the tasks of the primary PM they would be replacing. 

Question:  Could you confirm the Sustainability statement requirements all apply to the PM vs. the A/E, particularly "...sustainable approaches your firm may have for this specific project".  

Response:  The sustainability statement applies to the firm submitting on the Statement of Interest.

September 19, 2022

Exhibit A and Exhibit B have been added to the bid posting under the documents section.