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SOI 15280 Engineer Service for PW

Addendum #1

December 10, 2015

1.  Question:  Does a firm have to propose on every item listed in the project background?

Response:  No.

2.  Question:  Can they provide their qualifications for a selected number of the items?

Response:  Yes.

3.  Can you please provide more detail regarding what the Underground Facilities Assessment will involve?

Response:  We manage, operate and maintain sanitary sewers and water systems.

4.  Question:  Can you please provide more detail regarding what services will be required for the potential ordinance updates?

Response:  Any Ordinance Updates would be related to sanitary sewers , treatment facilities or water systems

5.  Question:  In Section C under the heading SUBMITTALS, the requested information regarding the “current assignments for personnel proposed for the project, and their percentage involvement at various stages” : What information are you exactly trying to get with this request?

Response:  The first part is asking for the current workload of the personnel proposed for the project.

6.  Question:  Current staff assignments are a good indicator of recent project wins, mostly early to mid 2015. Is this what’s requested?  Staff’s percent involvement at various stages depends on project roles, and it is generally relatively constant over the life of the assignment.  In other words, it is pretty traditional to have project managers manage at about 10-15 percent of the time, and designers design about 85-90 percent of the time…  Is this the type of breakdown you’re looking for?

Response:  The second part is asking how much each member will be involved as the project goes from design thru bidding and into construction.

7.  Question:  However, in Section G (A/E Consultant Form) which form or forms do we include there? There are three forms -  A general information sheet, a reference sheet and a Firm Qualifications sheet. Do you want all of these forms in section G? If not, where do they all go?

Response:  For Section G (A/E Consultant Form) is a separate attachment that was listed on the website as 15280 A/E Form, we are requesting you complete this form for section G.  All other forms should be included as part of your proposal, you may include a section for required forms.

8.  Question:  Also, regarding the “Title Page”…is that a sheet IN the proposal or is that just the cover of the proposal?

Response:  You should prepare a title page/cover page as part of your response.

9.  Question:   We would like to request the previous Underground Facilities Assessment that was done. The description does not give any indication what type of facilities need to be assessed.

Response:  This information is not available at this time.  Please see the response to question #3.

10.  Question:  In regards to the AE Consultant Form, are we to give information regarding all of the services that our company provides, not only information pertaining to this specific Statement of interest?  If so, how many project examples per “Type of work” are suggested/required?

Response:  This form is intended for general company information.

11.  Question:  At this time should the projects listed on the A/E Pre-qualification form be related to only water/wastewater engineering projects? Or should we list projects that would relate to any service (architecture, land surveying, transportation engineering) that our firm could provide?

Response:  This form is intended for general company information.

12.  Question:  If we have a subconsultant on our team, should we also provide an A/E pre-qualification form for their firm as well?

Response:  No.

13.  Question:  We are planning to submit under the SOI #15280 (Professional Engineering Services), and we are hoping you can answer a question for us. Can we submit our firm’s qualifications under one or two of the 6 items listed “Project Background” (page 2).  Specifically, we are very interested in applying for #3 - "Preparation of a report of an Underground Facilities Assessment with a rating system for various locations in Lake County for the next two years with a three year renewable contract.”

Response:  Submitting on select projects is appropriate.

14.  Question:  Do you have a specific form to be used for this submittal?

Response:  Your submittal should be setup however you like, but make sure to include the documents requested in the SOI.

15.  Question:  Can our submittal be e-mailed to you and, if so, what e-mail address is to be used?

Response:  No.

16.  Question:  Must our firm be pre-qualified prior to sending our Statement of Interest?

Response:  No.

17. Question:  Does the County have an asset management system that you use for #3 identified in the Project Background?

Response:  No.

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