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RFP 18132 Purchase of a Wet Chemistry AutoAnalyzer

Addendum #1


Question 1.  Can you tell us if you are looking for a segmented flow analyzer, flow injection analyzer or a discrete analyzer for this bid?

Response:  Open to all types of flow analyzer.

Question 2.  For total phosphate are you looking for inline digestion or is your plan to offline digest and then offer to the system.

Response:  Inline digestion would be a bonus for streamlining. If inline is part of the analysis, the two components would have to work independently incase inline digestion was out of commission.

Question 3.  Are the Maintenance Services expected to be an Annual Preventative Maintenance Visit or do you need a full on-site service contract?

Response:  Full on-site including annual PM.

Question 4.  What are the concentration ranges for each analyte? Are the Nitrate and Nitrite samples    acid preserved or non-preserved? Is the Total Phosphorus determined in the lab via TKN digestion or persulfate digestion? What is the current supported version of Windows?

Response:  Concentration ranges - Below are analytes with target MRLs (minimum reporting limits)

Nitrate            0.05 mg/L
Nitrite             0.05 mg/L
Total Phos     0.10mg/L
OPhos           0.01 mg/L
Cyanide         0.005 mg/L
Phenol           0.005 mg/L

NO3/NO2 – ideally run within hold time unpreserved. On occasion samples may need to preserved and run as total NO3NO2

Total Phosphorus – Currently the lab practices persulfate digestion

Windows – Windows 10 is currently in use, would need vendor to supply software updates on future OS updates

Question 5.  Since we can offer both discrete and segmented flow should we submit multiple Proposal Price Sheets on Page 17? The same would go should we offer a third proposal offering a system with inline digestion and distillation options?

Response:  Yes – submit all possibilities that way each system may be evaluated.

Question 6.  The RFP states the Wet Chemistry autoanalyzer must have the capability of in-line digestion (pg11 – Scope of work part g ).  Please specify if the quoted system needs to include hardware for in-line digestion or just  confirm it has the ability to add the hardware in the future.

Response:  Include or ability to add.

Question 7.  If the proposal should include the inline digestion hardware – please specify which chemistries it is required for. (example TP and/or Cyanide or phenol)

Response:  Priority tp.

Question 8.  Please specify if there is a specific EPA or Standard Method to be followed.

Response:  See CWA approved, 40 CFR.

Question 9. Simultaneous processing analyses on the same sample fraction” is listed as a capability (pg11 – Scope of work part b). Does this mean the lab requires the sample to be split into different channels and analyzed simultaneously, as on a flow autoanalyzer system?

Response:  No, not necessarily. Analyzer may allow user to set up multiple parameter to run back to back.

Question 10. Or can this be interpreted as running different chemistries on the same sample fraction, as on a Discrete autoanalyzer ?

Response:  Yes.

Question 11. If a flow autoanalyzer is required, how many channels / detection systems should  the instrument have ? i.e. how many simultaneous chemistries is the autoanalyzer required to run?

Response:  It is not required.