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RFP 18067 Inmate Phone and Video

Addendum 1

May 24, 2018

Q. Would you clarify if the redacted copy needs to be electronic or printed?

A. The redacted copy can be provided as electronic.

Q. Is the County only expecting to receive one physical, original copy?

A.  Yes, one printed original copy. 

Q. Does a sealed box comply as the sealed submission, and if the proposal can be submitted in a 3-ring binder.?

A. Yes, the proposal in a 3-ring binder in a sealed box meets the sealed submission requirement.

May 24, 2018

  1. Will the County please outline the fees that are being charged by the current vendor:

Bill Statement Fee=   $2.00

PrePaid Account Funding Fee via Web=  $3.00

PrePaid Account Funding Fee via IVR=  $3.00

PrePaid Account Funding Fee via Live Operator= $5.95

Fees for Instant Pay Calls= Price for requested call type $9.99 Text2Connect & $14.99 Pay Now


  1. Does the County receive commissions on revenue generated by interstate calls today?
  1. The county does not receive revenue generated by Interstate calls today.


  1. Please provide the average monthly video visits on the current system.
  1. 1522
  1. Please provide the current rates charged for video visitation services.
  1. $5.95 for 20 Minute Attorney Visits/ $5.95 for 30 minute Friends and Family
  1. Please provide the current fee structure in place for all trust fund deposit methods.
  1. Please see attached rate chart below:


Deposit Amount

Lobby Kiosk/Web/Mobile App











  1. Please breakout the average monthly inmate trust deposit transaction volume and average dollar amount received by type for each of the following:

-Phone= N/A

-Web= $63.90

-Kiosk=  $66.70

  1. Does the County currently receive a commission for bail payments? If so, what is it?
  1. Securus does not currently provide services around bail payments.


  1. Can the County please provide the current fee structure in place for bail payments?
  1. Securus does not currently provide services around bail payments.


May 22, 2018

  1. Page 12, number 4, change over on or before August 20, 2017, why was this date chosen?
  1. This is the expiration date of the current agreement.  Lake County would like to ensure that there is no lapse in service.
  1. Please provide a copy of all current contracts and amendments pertaining to inmate phones and video visitation.
  1.  Please click here and  here.
  1. Due to the holiday, there are only 2 business days between the date questions are due to the County and the date we will have to ship our proposal. Therefore, would the County please provide a one-week extension to the proposal due date to allow time for vendors to consider the information that will be provided in answers to vendor questions?
  1. At this time Lake County is not able to accommodate this request.
  1. As it is written, the RFP strongly favors the incumbent vendor and mandates technology that is proprietary to that vendor. Specifically, the “Additional Investigative Software” section on pages 14-15 describes technology that is proprietary to the incumbent vendor and cannot be provided by any other vendor, thus limiting competition under this RFP to one bidder.


  1. The language listed states “should be” which is intended to imply that the action is to be considered.  Please see number one, “Please list and describe additional investigative tools available with the system.”
  1. Please provide copies of commission statements from the last six months.


  1. Please see October November December January February March
  1. Do commissions from this contract go to the Inmate Welfare Fund, the Sheriff’s Office discretionary fund, or the County general fund?
  1. Commissions from this contract go to the Inmate Welfare Fund.

May 18, 2018

On page 11, Section 8: Attachments, the RFP document references a Utilization Report.

  1. Is this the 2017 Calling Data document posted on the County’s website or is there another report that was provided outside of the main RFP document?
  1. The Calling Data is on the County’s Bids and RFP website. Or, click here.


Page 16, Section: Hosted Video Visitation, requirement 7.a. reads like it is a separate requirement from #7.

  1. Is the list (a.-d.) supposed to be associated with #7?
  1. No, “a.” should be “8.” And b.-d. should be subset of “8.”


Page 23, Section D. Project Approach, #2: “Suggested Phone, Video Visitation, and Tablet Policies”.

  1. Could the County please clarify the response they are seeking for this requirement?
  1. Please provide your suggested polices that are optimal to your operating environment.


Proposers are asked to provide proposed staffing, their resumes for the Key Personnel in Section C. Staffing, and are asked to provide similar information in Section E. Relevant Experience (Pages 22-23).

  1. Would the County allow proposer to reference back to the first set of resumes provided?
  1. Yes


Could the County please clarify if submission contents are to be in the order described on Page 2 under “Contents”, or in the order described on Page 22 under “Detailed Submittal Requirements”?

  1. If proposers are to follow the “Detailed Submittal Requirements” instructions, in which submittal section does the County want us to provide our responses to the requirements in the Scope of Work (Pages 12-21)?
  1. Please follow the “Detailed Submittal Requirements” instructions.  The proposers understanding of the scope of work should also be provided. 


Page 12, Installation Requirements, #6: “The proposer will submit any required paperwork and other material necessary for the required background checks on any employee that will be working in the facility necessary to complete this project.” This is typically something done when hiring an employee and additional checks required by the County will be completed post-contract.

  1. Can the County confirm this is correct and is not seeking any documentation related to this to be submitted with the RFP submission?
  1. The intent is to ensure that proposer if selected and awarded a contract will need to provide information necessary to allow the Lake County Sheriff’s Office conduct the appropriate checks to permit persons into the facility. 


May 15, 2018

Q. Is it possible to extend the due date to June 15, 2018?

A. At this time Lake County is not able to accommodate this request.