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RFP 17094 Review of ICMS RFP

Addendum #1

Addendum #1

Questions submitted April 20, 2017

Q17.  1. Page 2: Should we include this entire page within our proposal if we have expections, or should we just repeat the phrase in our proposal and include an ‘X’ in the box next to the phrase?

A17:  Yes please include the page.
Q18.  Section 29, page 8: Can we assume that the last sentence means that our Account Representative will need to be present for proposers interviews if selected (planned for May 15-19) or does this mean something else?

A18.  Lake County is requesting that the account representative be present for the shortlist interview.

Q19.  May we include the electronic version of our proposal in PDF? May we provide our unbound hard copy within a three-ring binder?

A19.  PDF is acceptable.  Yes you may provide your response in a 3 ring binder.

Questions submitted April 13, 2017

Q5.  How much has been budgeted for the Consultant contract?

A5.  No specific amount has been estimated for the project.  Funding will be provided from the County Administrator’s consultants account line.  All contracts over $50,000 for professional services require County Board approval.

Q6.  Has a ballpark estimate been determined for the ICMS? Less than $500K, less than $1M, $1M-$3M, etc…?

A6.  The 2016 Lake County Budget provided an estimate of $10,000,000 as part of the non-recommended department 2016 New Program Requests.

Q7.  What funding source(s) have been allocated for each? If none, which sources are being sought?

A7.  Funding will be determined through the annual budget process.  Development of the FY2018 Budget begins in July 2017.

Q8.  Approximately how long after the contract award at the 6/13/17 County Board meeting is the Consultant expected to have the final report delivered to the County?

A8.  Proposers are asked to submit an implementation in accordance with the submittal section of the RFP.  See page 16 of the RFP.

Q9.  Does the County hope to have the final ICMS RFP released before the end of the calendar year, fiscal year, etc…?

A9.  This is contingent on the approved implementation plan of the awarded contract for this RFP.

Q10.  Will the ICMS RFP be publically advertised, as the Consultant RFP is?

A10.  Yes.

Q11.  “The procurement resulting from this ICMS RFP must provide full integration of remaining existing systems not replaced, such as the Sheriff’s, Probation, Central IT, and possibly the Public Defender’s system.”  When does the County hope to make a decision on whether or not to replace the Public Defender System?  If replaced, does the County anticipate through an RFP process, through SDSC, etc…?

A11.  This will be determined through the award of the final ICMS RFP

Q12.  Is the Sheriff’s system referring to the Integrated Law Enforcement System (CAD/RMS) acquired from VisionAIR in 2008? If not, which Sheriff’s system are you referring to?

A12.  Yes

Q13.  When was the Probation CaseLoad Explorer system implemented?  Approximately when would the County plan to begin replacement of CaseLoad Explorer?  Would the replacement be through an RFP or another process?

A13.  The Public Defender’s Office THEMIS system incorporates the CaseLoad Explorer system and was developed by Software Development Services Corporation in 2005, enhanced in 2009 and a distinct Juvenile module was added in 2014.  Any replacement of this system would be through an RFP process.

Q14.  Which Central IT system are you referring to?

A14.  CRIMS runs on the County’s IBM mainframe which is managed by Central IT.

Q15.  Which vendors responded to the RFI for Replacement of Court/Clerk Case Management System (RFI#14000), released in 2014?

A15.  The following vendors submitted responses to RFI #14000:  AMCAD, Amicus Group, Courtview Justice Solutions, Crowe Horwath, DataBank, New Dawn, Pioneer Technology Group, SDSC, Softbang, Spartan Technology, Speridian, Sustain Technologies, the IQ Business Group, Thomson Reuters, and Tyler Technologies.

Q16.  Will the vendor awarded RFP 17094 be excluded from related follow-on work?

A16.  See response to question 11.


Questions submitted April 5, 2017

Q1.  Can companies from outside USA apply for this (i.e. India or Canada)?

A1.  Yes all companies that meet the requirements stated in the RFP may apply.


Q2.  Do we need to be onsite for meetings?

A1.  As part of the submittal all proposers shall indicate how they will address the scope of work and the requirement to conduct interviews with project stakeholders and provide a presentation at the end of the engagement.


Q3.  Can we perform the tasks (related to the RFP) outside the USA?

A3.  See response above.  All proposers shall indicate how they will address all aspects of the scope of work required.


Q4.  Can we submit the proposals via email?

A4.  No.  Original proposals shall be submitted either via mail, FedEx, or in person in a sealed envelope on or before April 27, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. CST.  Proposers shall submit one un-bound original, one consolidated file of the complete proposal on a flash drive or CD, and one redacted copy of proposal for a response to any future FOIA requests.  All proposals received after the time specified will not be opened.