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RFP 16255 Staff Augmentation Services for System Programming and Computer Operations

Addendum #1

December 6, 2016

Question 1:  As its 6 months contract position so can the candidate or employee work on the remote basis?

Response:  The candidate will need to work on site.

December 8, 2016

Question 2:  The RFP states the need for z/OS mainframe skills, however, we were under the impression that Lake County had AS/400’s. Is the skill set required for a mainframe or AS/400? 

Response:  The skill sets are for IBM z/VM & z/VSE Mainframe operating systems.  No AS/400’s.  

December 9, 2016

Question 3:  What is the total budget limitation of this RFP?  There is not one at this time. 

Response:  To be determined.

Question 4: Kindly confirm about the start & end dates of this project? 

Response:  The z/VM programmer has been in place since November. 

The other two positions (z/VSE Systems Programmer & Computer Operator)  would start tentatively prior to March 31,2017.  

End dates To be determined.
Question  5: Please share the details of the incumbent or vendor currently providing the same services along with last year’s expenditure?

Response:  Only the z/VSE Systems programmer contracted from 7Twenty.

Question 6.  Kindly confirm about the total number of consultants or personnel employed under this contract? 

Response:  Presently, only one (z/VM Systems Programmer) the other two positions are with internal staff.

Question 7.  Do you need resumes with proposal?

Response:  Yes.

Question 8.  Do you need one redacted copy in USB drive or hard copy?

Response:  Both would be the preference.

Question 9.  Is it a single vendor or multi-vendor Award?

Response:  Unknown at this time.

Question 10.  Please confirm if you need pricing (hourly rate) for just these 3 positions below? 
     -  Z/VM Programming Support
     -  Z/VSE Support &
     -  Computer Operator

Response:  Yes.

Question 11.  What is the annual volume in terms of job roles you are planning to appoint? Is it only the 3 positions mentioned above?

Response:  Unknown at this time.

December 14, 2016

Question 12.  You have mentioned resumes are needed along with the proposal in the addendum published. Should it be actual resumes or sample resumes are enough?

Response:  Actual resumes will be required.