Lake County Addendum Forum

RFP 16193 Payroll and Human Resources Operations Assessment

Addendum #1


Question 1.Who will be the main sponsor(s) for this initiative?

Response:  Rodney S. Marion, Central Human Resources Director.

Question 2.  Who will be the key stakeholders that we will need to engage?


Rodney S. Marion, Central Human Resources Director

Monica McClain, Payroll Manager

Christine Kopka, Central Assistant Human Resources Director

Question 3. Can you further describe the size and structure of Lake County’s organization?

Response:  2,700 employees.

Question:  Is an organizational chart available?

Response:  Organizational chart is attached.

Question 4. Is there any historical context that you can share, or are there particular factors driving the need to conduct a systems and operations assessment of Lake County’s time and attendance, payroll processing and human resources processes?

Response:  We have experienced problems in the following areas:

Identifying and implementing required federal and state payroll reporting (i.e., ACA, responding to audits).

Identifying new or revised state and federal statutes.

Implementation of automated products that could allow us to comply with governmental statutes related to payroll more efficiently.

User friendly system that is less labor intensive related to processing changes (to include open enrollment, self-service, etc.) and processing payroll.  Optionally, we would like to find a system that has a learning management system and applicant tracking.

Time and attendance systems that process hours of work for complex payrolls (i.e. variety of overtime payments related to union contracts, overtime time based upon 80 bi-weekly, 40 weekly and 8 daily hours, cost accounting for programs funded by federal and state grants).

An evaluation of a decentralized vs a centralized process for human resources and payroll automated processes.

Question 5.  Has Lake County undergone any prior attempts to assess and streamline its time and attendance, payroll processing, and HR processes? If so, what was the outcome of that initiative?

Response:  No.

Question 6.  Please provide a list of audits that have been preformed in the past.


County audit

External Payroll audit - Crowe

Internal Payroll audit – Finance & HR

Health Dept. City of Chicago Voucher audit 2x

Health Dept. State of Illinois audit

IMRF audit 2016 (last one was 2013


Question 7.  What is the total budget of this RFP?

Response:  A budget is not established at this time.

Question 8.  Is it a single or multiple award?

Response:  Depends on which services are provided by vendor. 

Question 9.  Is there any service provider of the same services in the past, if yes then please share the details of the service provider along with the last year’s outlay?

Response:  None.

Question 10.  Kindly confirm if there is any tentative end date of this project?

Response:  There is no tentative end date.