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QUESTION Submission date of proposal- page 2 states March 18 at 2:00pm and then page 10 states March 17. Please confirm which is correct.

RESPONSE: Please note that Submission date is March 17 @ 2:00PM    

QUESTION: How many locations is Lake County looking to hold onsite clinics for in the first year?

RESPONSE: Currently the County conducts HRA's at 5 different Lake County locations.  For the quarterly HRA the County would only conduct at one location for one day.  Only for the Annual HRA’s it would continue be conducted at 5 different locations.     

QUESTION: Would it be possible to get a breakout of the number of employees at each location?

Response :

Lake County Building, Waukegan (4 days)-208 employees

Belvidere Medical Building, Waukegan (1 day) -25 employees

Central Permit Facility, Libertyville (2 days)-115 employees

Depke, Vernon Hills (1 day) -27 employees

Health Department, Waukegan (3 days)-166 employees

QUESTION: Will there be an incentive towards the completion of the Health Assessment?

RESPONSE: The HRA is currently used for 2 incentives.  One is for our wellness program.  The newly added incentive for this year is that any employee choosing the Consumer Driven Health Plan, an HRA will be required to obtain the County funded full seed money into their Health Savings Account.

QUESTION: Is Lake County interested in any other wellness services at this time such as coaching, challenges or incentive tracking?

RESPONSE: Please provide in your response detailed added value services and cost associated with the service.

QUESTION: The RFP states that Lake County is looking to hold quarterly on-site appointments to complete the health assessments.  Would Lake County consider alternative options to completing the assessment such as via web portal where participants could complete the assessment at their convenience simply from their desktop and avoid any scheduling conflicts?  We are a current vendor for Lake County where we currently offer a web portal for EAP & work-life resources, therefore it would be very simple to just add on the wellness web portal and keep it simplified to one online resource.  

RESPONSE: The County is seeking actual results from a blood draw of some kind.  The County is not looking for employee to just fill out a form for the HRA.

QUESTION: Based on the response that you are looking for results from a blood draw, that confirms you are looking for the vendor to provide services for the actual biometric screening, correct?  Would Lake County consider alternative methods of collection (ie, finger stick vs. blood draw)?  Do you need pricing for alternative options to onsite such as home mailing kits, and lab options?

RESPONSE: Yes the County is looking for biometric testing.  The County is open to other options and you should propose these options and pricing in your RFP response for all alternative screenings for them to be considered.

QUESTION: Please confirm who the current vendor is for the biometrics and the Health Risk Assessment.

RESPONSE: Catapult Health

QUESTION: Is Lake County currently dissatisfied with the current vendor in any way and are there specific services looking to be enhanced?

RESPONSE: Due to changes in the County’s Medical Plan Coverage the increase in the number of HRA’s will be required and the County has determined that this service be sent out for a competitive RFP.    

QUESTION: Are you willing to share current pricing and budget allocated to this project?

RESPONSE: At this time, the County is keeping all pricing information confidential and for the current budget year there is not a specific line item budget for these services.