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Lake County Compensation Study

March 25, 2019

Q) Are any employees in the study represented by a collective bargaining unit or union? If so, please provide the union/union names. A) Please refer to the March 7, 2019 Addendum already posted.

Q) Does the County have a budget for the study that it can share with us? A) Please refer to the March 7, 2019 Addendum already posted

March 21, 2019

Q) We understand that the County would like a proposal for up to 100 benchmark positions in the classification and compensation, but is it your intent to also have the consultant review and analyze the salaries and benefits for all of the positions in the organization using the information gathered on the benchmark positions? If so, please advise how many positions/classifications there are in the County, and how many employees would be included in the study.
A) We are looking for vendor to benchmark up to 100 positions. For those benchmark positions we need salaries analyzed, not all of our positions. We also want our salary ranges analyzed to ensure we are competitive. Benefits - general overview, that should include employee premium cost and total cost.

March 19, 2019

Q) Could you please elaborate on the level of detail the County desires in analyzing the competitiveness of the benefits program offered to employees and executives? 
A) The County is looking for a general overview. This should include employee premium cost and total cost.

March 18, 2019

Q) On page 15 the RFP states: “8. Provide one to three examples of similar work including one reference for similar work with a Continuum of Care.”  It looks like the County wants project abstracts here.  It states “Continuum of Care” rather than “Compensation Study”. Please clarify. 

A) Thank you for pointing out this error and you are correct on page 15 when it states “Continuum of Care” it should read “Compensation Study”.

March 7, 2019

Q) Are there any specific L/W/MBE goals established for this project? A) No there are not any specific goals established specifically for this project. Please refer to the RFP document for further clarification.

Q) What consultant did the County use for the benchmark positions in 2014-15?
A) Buck Consultants

Q) Under scope of work, it suggests the successful vendor is to recommend new salary ranges.  Our experience has shown that the creation of new salary ranges for an entity the size and complexity of Lake County would require a far more comprehensive examination of both internal equity and external competitiveness than this RFP seems to require.  Can you please provide additional information on the County’s desired deliverable and expectations for this study? 
A) We do have salary ranges, we want to ensure our ranges are current with market for the benchmark positions we will provide.  No slotting is expected

Q) What involvement from unions does the County anticipate during this project?
A) None    

Q) Are the County’s existing job descriptions current?A) For those included in the survey, they will be current.

Q) What is the County’s approved budget for the project? A) This project was budgeted as part of the FY19 budget. All professional services procured exceeding $50,000 require competitive procurement and County Board approval.