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Q) Please provide the number of leaves for each of the past five years. A) 2018: currently 737 unique LOA’s, 2017: 652 unique LOA’s, 2016: 709 unique LOA’s, 2015: 607 unique LOA’s, 2014: 267 unique LOA’s (this is only a reporting period of July – December)

Q) Will the County consider alternative price structures if it benefits the County? A) The County is open to considering alternative price structure.

Q) Where is the County’s current FMLA/LOA service team located? A) Chicago, IL

Q) How many personnel are currently assigned to the County and what are their positions?  Are any of the positions fully dedicated (meaning that are exclusively assigned to Lake County and do not serve any other employers)?  A)There is not a dedicated team for Lake County. There is a call center that handles that specialists manage all leaves for many clients.

Q) Is the County’s expectation/requirement that the “dedicated account representative(s)” (referenced in Scope of Work, Performance Standards, Customer Service) are assigned exclusively to Lake County? A) We are requesting a dedicated representative who will be available to contact when any question/situation/issue may arise and needs to addressed. If necessary, we set up reoccurring meetings we would want to work with the same individual as it is important to us that we have consistency when establishing and maintaining a relationship with a vendor.

With regard to the Scope of Work added in Addendum 1: Lake County Retiree Billing, please provide the following information:
• Q) How many retirees? A) 43
• Q) How many vendors? A) Our current provider does not have a relationship with any of vendors, they collect payments and send directly to us. Though they do hold our rate schedule and would know what benefits a retiree is enrolled in.
• Q) How are rates designed per vendor (age rated, sex rated, smoker, non-smoker, flat rate, tier, etc.)? A) They are a flat rate per plan. The rates are for medical, dental and vision coverages as a retiree.
• Q) With regard to the statement: “provide any legal notices as necessary,”  what types of legal notices are to be provided?  Is this in regard to termination due to non-payment?  A) Yes, we would want to know the schedule/process of when past due/termination notices would go out and how that would be communicated to us. If not, please specify.
• Q) Does the County coordinate all death benefit or disability claims with the vendors? A) In regards to retirees we would coordinated a medical, dental and/or vision benefits in the event of a death of a retiree.


Addendum #1: An additional scope of work was added and a revised price proposal sheet was also added to reflect the additional scope of work. When submitting a proposal in response to this RFP please use the revised proposal price sheet with your proposal.