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FMLA Administration Services for Lake County

November 8, 2022- Addendum #2

  1. Will you accept electronic Signatures on all forms using Programs such as Adobe sign? A) yes
  1. What is the rationale for this RFP? A) Lake County issues competitive solicitations, such as this RFP as part of the standard purchasing practices.
  1. Who is the current FMLA administrator? A) FMLASource
  1. What is the current plan pricing? A) Cost PEPM for FMLA/LOA Administration Services is $1.55 PEPM

Q) Are there any areas of administration, or any plan features that the Client is dissatisfied with the current administrator? If yes please describe. A) No

November 3, 2022- Addendum #1

Q) ls the 2021 and 2022 YTD claim experience available for the following leave types?



Continuous 263

Intermittent 100

Reduced schedule 9

Multiple frequency 75


Continuous 344

Intermittent 112

Reduced schedule 4

Multiple frequency 95

Q) ls the FMLA Leave policy available for review?

A) This policy has been added to the RFP documents for review