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Bid #23007 - Depke Emergency Generator and Main Switchboard Replacement

Addendum #1

January 13, 2023

Question:  LC County Front End document, Page 26, Qualified General Contractor, Section 2 “Self-Performance Requirements” does not appear pertinent to the this project as the work is primarily electrical.

Response:  This paragraph is not needed and can be ignore as it is no pertinent to the plans and specification of this project.

Question:  LC County Front End document, Page 35, Qualifications Of A Responsible Bidder, Value Added Services.  I would like more context as to what the County is looking for regarding this page in reference.

Response:  This is an optional field to provide any additional supporting narrative as to what make your company or approach and management for this project a value-added service. 

Question:  Specification Section 01 32 16 twice in Section B. 2 and Section C.

Response:  Please replace language with 01 33 00 for Section B.2 . Please strike Section C language as this item is not pertinent to this project.

Question:  During the second onsite walk-thru a statement was provided that their existing building automation equipment to be reused for the mapping of new Modbus points from the Emergency Generator and Automatic transfer switches. I do not see anything regarding this information in the drawings or specifications.

Response:  Please refer to Sheet E11, General Notes # 1 on the drawings and Specification 01 31 13.13 Section for more information.

Question:  During the second onsite walk-thru a question was raised regarding Detail #3, Sheet E02, Direct Buried Conduit (Typical) as to which electrical line this detail was for.

Response:  Detail #3, Sheet E02 is for all buried electrical conduits for Work Area 1, 2, 3 &4A in Electrical Site Plan drawing on Sheet E05. 

January 9, 2023

Is the below insurance a requirement that can be waved:

Contractors Pollution Liability

The Contractors pollution liability insurance, in connection with an agreement, shall be written with limits of insurance not less than the following:

$1,000,000 per occurrence limit

Response:  This may be removed from the insurance requirements.

January 5, 2023

An additional pre-bid meeting/site walk through will be held on January 11, 2023 at 3:30 p.m. at the Depke Juvenile Justice Center located at 24647 N. Hwy 21, Vernon Hills, IL.

The bid opening date has been changed to January 20, 2023 at 11:00 a.m.

January 3, 2023

Question:  During the walk through it was mentioned that the roof was recently replaced.  Can you please provide the roofing contractor that was used so we can maintain the warranty?

Response:  The roofing manufacturer for the recent roof replacement at Depke is Firestone Building Products. Attached is Lake County’s Warranty info.

December 20, 2022

Please click on the link to view the roof top pictures:  Pictures



December 29, 2022


 Q#1: Please clarify current year NEC Lake County is using

A: The 2011 NEC and 2012 International Fuel Gas Code will apply.


Q#2: Drawing E01 Electrical general notes Wiring Methods 4H No cable splicing shall be allowed underground, does that include splicing in ground junction box?

A: Splicing in a junction box is allowed.


Q#3: Drawing E01 Electrical general notes continuation 4F contractor shall provide power system study for new equipment (short circuit and arc flash) Please clarify EC needs to provide this study or is Engineering firm Lake County hired going to conduct this study.

A: Contractor shall provide the study and the Arc Flash labels for new equipment.


Q#4: Drawing E04 New One-Line and drawing D05 note 7, demo conduit and feeders to generator rm gym south and run new conduit and feeders, I am not seeing the Generator Room Gym South as indicated on the drawing and would like to know whether we are running the conduit routes on the roof?

A: The GYM south utility room is located to the East of Work Area #3 and Northeast of Work Area #1. The conduit runs can be found on the Site Plan detail on Sheet E05. Contractor shall locate and use existing conduit inside building as possible and install new conduit (PVC for underground and Rigid for above ground) and cables from MSA Switch Board room to pull box exterior of the building, underground to the East to GYM South Utility Room. See Sheet D08, Detail 5 photo, Sheet E04, and Sheet E05 for more detail. 


Q#5: Due to long lead times for generator and gear packages (Approx. 50 Weeks) will contractor be able to complete the infrastructure and site work prior to delivery of generator and gear.

A: Yes, as much of the Electrical, HVAC, Carpentry, and Roofing work that does not interfere with shut down utility electrical power prior to having the new Switch Board and Generator on site can be accomplished.


Q#6: Can you please tell me if the electrical package is to bid as a prime or will it be bid through general contractors? We have received a bid invite from a general contractor.

A: This project can be submitted by a General Contractor that has prior experience/qualifications managing similar installations or by a Prime Electrical Contractor that has prior experience/qualifications.