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Bid 21020 NC renovations




UPDATED May 3, 2021


Please see new downloaded Bid document titled Addendum 3 Drawing dated 4.30.21

UPDATED April 28, 2021


Please see new downloaded Bid document titled Addendum 2 Drawing dated 4.28.21

Question: Is there an available layout/logistic plan for the temporary fencing?

Response: A construction fence is required to secure the site as specified and the GC shall determine its location to allow for the work scope to be performed and to secure his materials.


UPDATED April 26, 2021


Please see new downloaded Bid document titled Addendum 1 Drawing dated 4.26.21

Question: Please confirm – will the GC be required to provide locks for all cabinet drawers and doors (Per General Casework Note 6/A900 & A910) or locks only for millwork noted per Key Note 6.461/A900?

Response: Specs call for locks on all drawers and doors on the project.

Question: Who is the controls contractor? Or are the existing tstats standalone?

Response:  McDonagh Mechanical manages the Johnson Controls system for Lake County Health Department.  The Building was just upgraded to new FX-80 controllers in December 2020 when all the mechanical equipment was replaced.  There is minimal work on this project for temperature controls other than relocation of thermostats and minor programming associated with exhaust fan systems.

Question: Per Key Note 22.202/P310, specifies new sink locations, but on the drawing, this note is pointed to dental chair locations. Is this supposed to point to the new sink locations instead?

Response: Keynote 22.202 is for the sink locations.

Question:  Is there a roofing contractor that currently holds warranty for the existing roof of the building?

Response: There is no existing roofing warranty on the roof and the existing architectural shingles are shown to be fully replaced.


UPDATED April 20, 2021


Question: Will there be a scheduled walk through for the GC's to invite sub-contractors?

Response: A date and Time has been established for sub-contractors to tour the site for Monday April 26, 2021 from 1:00-2:00PM at North Chicago Health Center 2215 14th St North Chicago, IL 60064  



Question: Is there an engineer's estimate or budget available for the above project?

Response: Budget for Base Bid work is 1.3 Million Dollars including the $200,000.00 in contingency allowance that must be included in the Base Bid.

Question: Is there a union labor requirement for the project?

Response: Prevailing wages shall apply to this project.  The bidder will be required to execute a Project Labor Agreement as noted in Specification Section 00 73 49.

Question: Do you have the pre-bid meeting attendance sheet for the above project?

Response: The pre bid attendance list has been posted as a Document on the Bid website 

Question: Does an HVAC bid package bid direct to the owner? or do GC’s bid 1 lump bid to the owner?

Response: All subs bid to GC’s

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