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Bid 20171 Zion Renovations



~~UPDATE January 6, 2021

QUESTION: The spec states 1 original, 3 copies and 1 electronic format of the bid are to be submitted. Price revisions always occur prior to the bid deadline making it difficult to alter an electronic format. Would it be acceptable to provide the base bid price only on the hard copies and not on the electronic format?

RESPONSE: The Original copy submitted in the sealed envelope will take precedence over the electronic copy submitted.

QUESTION:  Will we be required to carry any permit fees in our bid or are they being waived for this project?

RESPONSE:  Permit fees will be paid by Owner.  General Contractor is responsible to submit the sealed plans and specifications with their permit application, make payment with Owner funds for the permit expenses, provide all contractor and sub-contractor licensing information and coordinate receipt of the physical building permit.

QUESTION:  Is balancing only required for Simulation Lab Rm. 166?

RESPONSE:  Correct.  Balance new diffuser to CFM shown.

QUESTION:  ‘Area B’ the South Sk-2 does not show a new waste line. Please confirm that we are to tie into an existing sanitary line currently stubbed into the wall.

RESPONSE:  The intent is to extend the existing 2” sanitary drain line at the west wall to the south wall through the new stud framing at the south wall for the new sink at the south wall.

QUESTION:  At the pre-bid walk it was noted that the water lines were stubbed into the wall in the dental room 169 previously.  Please confirm if we need to run new water supply from mains in hallway ceiling.

RESPONSE: Existing hot and cold water piping takeoffs with valves are currently located in the ceiling cavity of the main hallway.  New water service lines shall be run from hallway to new sink location as shown.

QUESTION:  There are no model numbers on the fixture schedule or the architectural drawings for the sinks listed. Please provide the specified sink that will be installed.

RESPONSE: Sink model numbers are identified in the Project Specifications.  See Section 22 40 00 – Plumbing fixtures.

QUESTION:  Please confirm if CMS is the only certification accepted for the MBE and WBE contractors.

RESPONSE:  CMS is acceptable for Certification of MBE and WBE.  Please include CMS certification information with your submitted bid for the firms you list on Document 00 11 20 – Contract Requirements for Minority/Women Business Participation

UPDATED January 4, 2021

QUESTION: Note 23.202 on M310 states the existing I-Touch manager is interfaced into Johnson Controls FX-80 controller. We are supposed to verify the new VRV equipment is accessible in this existing building automation system and provide any new graphics as required. Daikin will be responsible for integrating the new Daikin equipment into the Daikin automation system ONLY. We need the contact information for the Johnson Control’s contractor to integrate the new Daikin equipment into the Johnson Control building automation system. It doesn’t look like this information is anywhere in the documents.

RESPONSE: The Lake County Health Department has a current three year maintenance contract in place with McDonough Mechanical Services in Waukegan, Illinois which includes maintenance of the Temperature Control systems for all of the buildings temperature control systems within the Lake County Health Department system.  Bidders shall contact McDonough Mechanical to solicit pricing quotes.

UPDATED December 29, 2020

QUESTION: Is the Prequalification due with the bid or prior to the bid date? 

RESPONSE: I am not sure what you mean by Prequalification ? There are no mandatory forms due back before the Bid due date of January 12, 2021. The only non-mandatory form is the Notice of Intent to Bid which is  due back on January 5, 2021



Sub-Contractors walk through tour will be available on Wed Dec 23, 2020 between 1:30-3:00PM at Zion Health Clinic 1911 27th St Zion IL 60099  

Pre Bid sign in sheets have now been posted as Documents on web site.   

UPDATED December 4, 2020

3:00 PM

QUESTION: Do you anticipate extending the bid due date?


QUESTION: What additional details are you willing to provide, if any, beyond what is stated in bid documents concerning how you will identify the winning bid?

RESPONSE: Unclear of your question as presented ? All details are within the Bid document. The winning Bid Tab information will be posted on the County Website.     

QUESTION: Was this bid posted to the nationwide free bid notification website at


QUESTION: Other than your own website, where was this bid posted?

RESPONSE: It was only posted on the County website.


December 3, 2020

Time 3:30PM

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