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Bid #19177 - HVAC Installation for LCPW

Addendum #1

October 23, 2019


Vernon Hills Air Conditioning controls:
It has been brought up that using one Thermostat to control both heating and air conditioning will not function with the existing VVT system.  The VVT system controls the dampers for five (5) zones.  A single control is required to operate both heating and cooling that eliminates the VVT system and the dampers shall remain in the open position.

Mill Creek WRF building 50:

Please use the revised bid sheet when preparing you bid submission: 

Revised Bid Sheet

The owner is requesting a separate quote as an option to replace the existing Reznor furnace Model SCE200-6-S-MV Type Natural Gas CFM 3650 at 730 IN  460 Volts 3 phase 60 Hz.

The objective is to replace the existing furnace with a more energy efficient model that utilizes a Horizontal vent that can extend through the wall rather than venting vertically through the roof.

Provide a cost to cap the roof vents in the furnace room, leaving the existing duct work in place.

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