Lake County Addendum Forum

Bid 17176 Biosolids Management Program


July 26, 2017

Question 1:  Has Lake County modified their permit (w/IEPA) for Class A and/or Class B so the successful contractor can handle, process, spread.

Response: In Illinois, a sludge permit for Class A EQ biosolids is not necessary. The IEPA does not issues a permit for Class A EQ biosolids. The County plans to retain the current Class B permit.

Question 2:  If the product from NCT and Mill Creek is not Class A (because the county chooses not to co-mingle with Class A from Des Plaines) and remains Class B. How much storage will the county have for the Class A product made at Des Plaines? What is the county operational plan and status of co-mingling product and not co-mingling product…..our concern here is the radium and what is the plan to separate and/or co-mingle?

Response: The radium levels in the Class B biosolids that is currently being land applied will be the same in the Class A EQ biosolids that will be produced. In fact, we expect that the combined Class A EQ biosolids from all three facilities will have lower radium levels.  We are planning to continue radium monitoring on all products and will share that information with the selected vendor. If testing demonstrate that the radium levels are higher than predicted, then the County will have to re-evaluate the Biosolids program. Any changes made to this program will be clearly communicated to the selected vendor at that time.

Question 3:  Will the County obtain alternate landfill approvals in the event that Zion Landfill because of the radium levels will not accept product from Lake County.

Response: The County will have to examine that alternative if it becomes necessary.

Question 4:  The design of the raised unloading platform at the Des Plaines plant may create an issue when dumping the Class B cake year-round when the cake is difficult to remove from the trailers. This will cause an accumulation of cake on the platform. Will the county provide equipment (i.e. Bobcat) and operator to clean cake off the platform and place it into the hopper?

Response: The County will make reasonable accommodations to assist, if this becomes necessary.

Question 5:  Has IEMA delivered the exemption for radium from Des Plaines? (If not, what’s the plan)

Response: The County is not working with IEMA to get an exemption for radium in the biosolids at the Des Plaines River WRF. The County is working with IEMA to get approval for the beneficial use of Class A EQ biosolids that may contain radium greater than 3.0 pCi/g. The County is still working on this endeavor and will share the information once a resolution is reached.