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Bid #16246 Thirteen (13) 2017 Ford Fleet Vehicles for LCHD/CHC

Bid #16246 Addendum #1

Question #1 Received: 01/21/2017

Question #1:  Is there a specific type/model Beacon Light Lake County prefers?

Answer #1:  Specification sheets for vehicles requiring Beacon lights have been revised and/or updated with new specifications (Vehicle #3 F-250, Vehicle #6 Transit Van and #7 - Transit Van).  See each sheet attached for revisions, highlighted in Yellow.






Question #2 Received: 01/25/2017

Question #2:  In regards to vehicle #5. In order to get a 15 passenger Transit it must be a high roof, extended length with dual rear wheels.  The low roof model has a maximum of 12 passengers.  What should I bid?

Answer #2:  Provide a bid quote for Vehicle #5 as indicated on the specification sheet, or an equivalent.



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