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Bid 16164 Countryside Lake Water Tower

Addendum #1

Q. Please verify who owns the two antenna located on the Countryside Lake Water Tower and provide any contact information that may be needed for service related questions..
A. LCPWD is the owner of both antennas located on top of the Countryside Lake Tower.

Q. Please verify the type of antenna and cable that is located on the Countryside Lake Water Tower.
A. The two antennas are mounted on the same tri-pod, they are an Omni antenna and a Yagi antenna and are supplied by Laird Technologies, Inc. The cable run to the tri-pod is a Times Microwave systems LMR-900 cable.

Q. Please verify who will be responsible for the re-installation of the antenna following the completion of the refurbishment project.
A. The general contractor (painter) is responsible for re-installation of the antenna. The general will most likely have an electrical subcontractor perform the antenna and cable reconnection.  We should add an allowance of $10,000 for new antenna, cable and re-installation to the base bid.

Q. Will there be any lettering or logo installed on the finished project?
A. We do not plan on any additional lettering or logo.