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Bid 15239 Microfilm Services

Addendum #1


Question 1.  Being brought your attention we know that ONLY a Kodak Image Link 70 can produce the correct Image Management Code (IMC) on the film to be able to interact and work properly with the current Kodak retrieval unit (reader printer) is used at Lake County.  This means that the work must be filmed ONLY on a Kodak Imagelink 70 because there is no equivalent camera.  This also means that it is impossible to scan the work first and then write it to film using an archive writer.  There is no archive writer that can duplicate the correct Image Management Code required for use with your Kodak reader printer.  With that being said and so you can mirror exactly what you are receiving now, can you stipulate that only a Kodak Image Link 70 be used to provide this service so you are comparing apples to apples in the RFP?

Respose 1.  No, as the machine that we are currently using is intended to be replaced December 1st.  All standards must be met as requested and if that means that it is impossible for the film to be digitized prior to microfilming then there should not be any companies stating that they can do so.

Question 2.  On page 2 of the RFP, B. Alternate Bid – Expungement Services, can you provide estimated volumes for Item #’s 1 thru 4 so an Extended Amount can be quoted for each Item. 

Response 2.  We estimate this to be approximately 150 rolls per year on an ongoing basis and an additional 100 rolls per year of backup.

Question 3.  On page 2 of the RFP, C. Alternate Bid – PDF Services, can you expound on Item #1. Convert film roll court files to PDF.  Please specify the number of rolls and estimated images per roll for converting to PDF. This is necessary in order to offer an Extended Amount. Also, what is the Unit of Measure for this?

Response 3.  This is converted files currently on film to PDF.  There is approximately 16,000 rolls which would not be sent at one time for conversion.

Question 4.  Is the microfilm conversion to PDF 16mm film or 35mm film? (Reference Page 2, C. Alternate Bid – PDF Services)

Response 4.  16mm.

Question 5.  How would the County like the images indexing?  By case number? (Reference Page 2, C. Alternate Bid – PDF Services)

Response 5.  By case number.

Question 6.  Does the county has an estimate on the number of rolls that may require conversion? (Reference Page 2, C. Alternate Bid – PDF Services)

Response 6.  Approximately 16,000 rolls total which we would work with the company to schedule how this would be accomplished.  It would not be all 16,000 rolls at one time.


Question 1.  On page 1 of the RFP the County’s due date is stated as November 5 at 2pm and page 5 the due date is stated as October 22 at 2pm.  Please clarify.

Response 1.  The invitation to bid is due on November 5, 2015 at 2:00 p.m.

Question 2.   Instead of planetary filming Lake County documents, would the Clerk consider letting the vendor scan and then create microfilm from digital images if it is a less expensive option? (Specifications, I.A.1)

Response 2.  We can consider this with more information.

Question 3.   Can you provide further detail about ‘filming writing’?  Is this inserting a flash page/patch sheet before each new case number?  Or annotating the rolls with frame numbers?  Could you provide a photo of a roll that has this on it? (Specifications, I.A.6)

Response 3.  This is what the reader machine uses to determine the location of a document on the roll of film. 

Question 4.  How frequently do you anticipate requiring pickups of material at the Lake County storage area for processing?  Is a third-party courier acceptable? (Specifications, I.B)

Response 4.  We anticipate approximately once a month but this may vary based on need.

Question 5.  Are retrievals required to be physical or is a scanned version of the material acceptable?  How frequently do you anticipate requiring material? (Specifications, I.M)

Response 5.  This would be pickups of physical files to be filmed.

Question 6. Whether companies from Outside USA can apply for this?

Response 6.  Bidders must be able to comply with the specifications of this  invitation for bid. 

Question 7. Whether we need to come over there for meetings?

Response 7.  There are no meetings as it pertains to this invitation for bid.  The successful bidder should work the department to determine if meetings are necessary.

Question 8. Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA?

Response 8.  Bidders must be able to comply with the specifications of this  invitation for bid.  

Question 9.  Can we submit our proposals via email ?????

Response 9.  No, bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope and delivered, by the date and time indicated in the invitation for bid.