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UPDATED July 19, 2021


QUESTION: When List Price is entered, as well as Discounted Price, the Extended Price simply is the difference between the two. Should we correct this column to incorporate the Quantity? 

RESPONSE:  The formula in Column E was incorrect.  The formula has been corrected to correctly calculate the Quantity multiplied by the Discounted price to calculate an Extended Price and updated excel file has been posted.

QUESTION:  Line 27 there’s a test code that says F, and full name is not there.  CPT 88175.  What is the test name?

RESPONSE:  The test name for line 27 of the Price Sheet has been corrected to: CYIM1 - CYTYC PAP & RVW

QUESTION:  Under phlebotomy services, on line 655, % discount per test discount.  Should this be written elsewhere?

RESPONSE:  No, indicate on the price sheet, line 655, the percentage discount off the List Price for tests ordered that are not listed directly on the price sheet.

QUESTION:  Does the 5% commercial reflect your fee for service schedule? Is there direct insurance bill?  

RESPONSE: The 5% represents the % of our patients having a commercial insurance plan in CY2020.  If Price Option #3 is accepted, HRSA sliding fee must be followed for balance billing.

QUESTION:  Can you please clarify your seasonal phlebotomy schedule? 

RESPONSE:  The phlebotomy schedule for the School Based Health Center would be during the months when school is in session.

QUESTION:  Can you please clarify the expectation of whose responsibility it is for Respirator Fit Testing? Will this just be for our employees or will this require Lake County Health Department Employees as well?

RESPONSE:   The Contractor is responsible for Respirator Fit Testing of all phlebotomy staff assigned to this contract.  The Contractor is not responsible for fit testing Health Department staff.

UPDATED July 19, 2021


QUESTION: In the Overview section, under 3. Price: A, B, and C: Is LCHD looking for all 3 different pricing models to be presented in the proposal?

RESPONSE: Our preference is to receive a proposal for A, B and C however you are not required to.  Option C indicates accept or decline

QUESTION: Will LCHD accept an extension to the Submission Date, to Wednesday August 4th, 2021 @ 2:00pm?

RESPONSE: At this time we are unable to offer an extension to the submission deadline date in order for LCHD staff to maintain to the schedule to award at the August 25 Board of Health meeting.  

UPDATED July 15, 2021


QUESTION: Does the annual test volume of 213,535 tests to an outside referral laboratory, include COVID testing?

RESPOSNE: Yes, the COVID testing is included in the total.

QUESTION: We would respectfully like to request that you provide your 2020 UDS Data. You would not need to include the entire report. Only Table 4, would be needed.

RESPONSE: The UDS 2020 Table 4 has been added as and additional RFP document.  

July 7, 2021


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