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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS (last updated JULY 18, 2022)


QUESTION 1: I have a question, for the funding, is the Percentage of MBE/WBE based on the total value of the Project or just the total value of the funding?

RESPONSE 1: The total value of the project is subject to the Percentage of MBE/WBE for the funding.

QUESTION 2: What size construction Easement is available for the work from FES #11 to MH #9?  Is there a layout of the construction easement to get around the trees that are augured underneath at Station 1 50 to 2 00?

RESPONSE 2: In addition to the drainage easement shown on the plans, the easement provisions include the following provision for access outside of the drainage easement: "The Owner further grants to the Township the perpetual right and privilege to move personnel and equipment over portions of the Property outside of the Drainage Easement (but not over or through any buildings thereon) as shall be reasonable and necessary to gain access to the Easement and to exercise the rights of the Township herein in accordance with the terms of this Agreement."  So there are not specific dimensions, just what is "reasonable and necessary", which would include room to get around trees to remain.


QUESTION 3: For the Concrete Trench Wall (Spl) are there any engineering submittal requirements the contractor needs to include?    Are there any specific requirements for the construction joints of this wall as it will need to be built in sections.

RESPONSE 3: The Concrete Trench Wall was a request of the property owner granting the easement.  If constructed in sections, each wall section should be structurally tied into the adjacent sections and the joins should be reasonably watertight.

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