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Q) Is it the counties intention to have full tile deliverables?
A) Yes, Spring deliverable tile format on page 25

Q) Would flight line data from a pushbroom sensor be sufficient for the exposure index deliverable?
A) Yes

Q) There are requirements stated for the Spring Ortho deliverables, but none specified for the Summer and Fall. Are the additional season deliverables to adhere to the same schema?
A) We only intend to take delivery of the Spring capture

Q) On page 12 of the RFP is states, The hosted solution will allow the ability to view the current and historical collection of orthoimagery and oblique imagery. Does this statement mean the historical data collected through the 5 year contract term or the existing County datasets? If it is the existing dataset, what is the data size?
A) Five year capture as well as any captures proposer may have of Lake County

Q) Could the Fall flying specifications be communicated in more detail? Mainly regarding the acquisition window and shadow, sun angle and leaf status requirements.
A) Proposer should make every effort to follow specifications beginning on page 24


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