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19119consultant to draft and support rfp for shared CAD RMS and JMS

July 30, 2019

Q) On page 12, the RFP states “Provide a market analysis of recent RFPs that have been released for similar procurements. Provide a listing of all requestors, vendors responding, the vendor selected, amount awarded, modules implemented, cost of necessary staffing for implementation, full costs of the system (hardware, bandwidth, architectural), and procurement timeline with milestones.” Finding similar projects to provide a recent comparison model may be difficult and yield little value and, once such procurements are identified, getting access to the information requested may not always be possible. Can the County clarify the objective of this item and what value the County is seeking by having the consultant perform this task during the course of RFP development? A) The County (on behalf of the Consortium) is requesting that the consultant selected to write the RFP include market examples and information for eventual comparison during selection.

July 19, 2019

Q)  We respectfully request a two-week extension of the due date to allow respondents time to prepare a high-quality response.  A) Not at this time

Q)  Short-list interviews are currently scheduled for August 14-16. Since the international APCO conference is that week, we respectfully request an extension to anticipated short-list interview dates.  A) At this time, there is no intention to modify the dates. Interview dates are tentative, and every effort is made to accommodate the selected vendors to ensure participation.

Q)  Which four CAD systems are currently used by 9-1-1 Consolidation Partners?  A) (1) Infor Enroute, (2) PSSI, (3) Central Square, (4) Tyler / New World.

Q)  Did the County work with a consultant or vendor to prepare the RFP? If so, who?  A) No

Q)  Page 12, Item A, Task 1 Requirements Assessment states: “The selected Consultant would conduct a series of on-site interviews with Consortium Partners.” Does the Consortium anticipate a need for individual interviews with agencies/Consortium partners, or can these be conducted in joint focus-group settings?  Are these the same ten meetings specified on page 15, item 6, or are they additional onsite meetings?   A) Yes, there should be interviews with (or that include) each of the Consortium partners. Requirement is for the vendor to “gain a robust understanding of the stakeholders” through the best use of the estimated 10 interviews / meetings to understand Consortium needs and requirements. Recommend using the existing structure to efficiently meet with all Consortium members (page 11, “The Consortium has an established and mature coordination and decision construct. 9-1-1 Consolidation Partner Committees and working groups meet regularly.”) 

Q)  Page 15, Item 6, Performance Levels/Contractor Expectations states: “Lake County anticipates that the Consultant will meet a minimum of ten (10) times with Consortium Partners and stakeholder groups. with a minimum of five (5) working meetings to discuss project status.” Please clarify this requirement. Are the anticipated 10 meetings anticipated as 10 interviews to be scheduled for data collection and requirements gathering? Are the five working meetings in addition to the initial ten stakeholder interviews? Are these the only project-status meetings to be included in the proposed scope of work? A) 5 working meetings to discuss the project (updates, on-site review of products, etc.) are in addition to the estimated 10 partner meetings.

Q)  Page 12, Item B, Task 2 Number 2 “Provide a market analysis of recent RFPs that have been released for similar procurements.“ Does the Consortium have a desired minimum number of recent RFPs/procurement process results for the consultant to analyze? A) No specific number provided, but a minimum of three is preferred.

Q)  Task 5 System Implementation - T&M pricing estimate?  A) Yes, include this task in pricing.  See page 20 of RFP.

Q)  The RFP includes Scope of Work items that state “the consultant may be asked…” Should these items be included in the proposed pricing, or described as optional services that could be provided, upon request?  A) Provide pricing for each separate major task. Pricing for additional, optional services can be included as required.

Q)  Page 13, Item E, Task 5, System Implementation states: “The consultant may act as Project Manager during the initial implementation of the chosen solution…” Should we provide Time & Material pricing for implementation support, or not include this task in the pricing?  A) Yes, include this task in pricing.  See page 20.

Q)  Page 15, Section 5, Deliverables, item f, states: “Potential total costs of implementing an integrated enterprise CAD, mobile data, RMS, and JMS; and potential total costs of owning and maintaining such a system over the next 5 years, 10 years and 20 years.” We respectfully request the period of analysis be changed to 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years.   A) The period of analysis will not be changed as requested in the question.

Q)  Page 16, Item 4, proposal content for “Implementation Plan” – please confirm that respondents are to provide their staffing plan and methodology for executing the entire CAD consulting project in this section of the proposal, and not specifically related just to the implementation of the selected CAD system.  A) Yes, this section is for the entire project.

Q)  The RFP outlines a fairly extensive scope of work that may be costly.  What is the Consortium’s anticipated budget for this project?   A) The Consortium is aware of the scope of work and has budgeted accordingly. 

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