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17223 Mill Creek WRF Electrical and Process Improvement

Addendum #1


Question:  In Spec section 01100 – Summary of Work, it states that power disruption for Structure 45 breaker and MCC work shall occur once for a maximum of 8 hours.  Is it possible to perform an additional shut down for less than 8 hours?  8 hours might not be enough time to perform the MCC changeout and 045-PP-1 breaker installations.

Response:  An additional 3 hour outage can be allowed and shall be coordinated with Lake County. The additional outage shall be at least 7 days after the 8 hour shutdown.

Question:  On drawing 002-E-1, plan note 4 says to see detail E600 on sheet 999-E-1.  This detail is labeled Pullbox Detail, but doesn’t show any pullboxes.  Are we required to install NEMA 4X SS pull boxes on the outside wall of the aeration tank similar to the boxes we have to install on the exterior of building 45?

Response:  Boxes are at the discretion of the contractor; engineer does not dictate means and methods. Boxes installed on tank walls need to be explosion proof rated since they are within the tank ratings envelope. 

Question:  On drawing 999-E-1, handhole detail E229 says to see section 16120 for shielding instrumentation wiring through the manhole.  There is no section 16120.  Will one be issued?

Response:  Reference should be corrected to Section 26 05 00.

Question:  In Spec section 260500 – Basic Materials and Methods, the control/instrumentation wiring is unclear based on the wire type schedule shown on sheet 001-G-6.  Can clarification be provided or manufacturer/part number be given?

Response:  The Wiring Index in the I&C Legend Drawing is used to detail abbreviations used in the Drawing Wiring Tables, not to point to an exact wire specification. Section 26 05 00 specifies wires by application and the Contractor must select the appropriate wire in the specification. For example, the Wiring Index lists TSP as being short for Twisted Shielded Pair. Under Section 26 05 00, subsection 2.06.G is Shielded Instrumentation Wiring. 

Question:  In Spec section 260500 – Basic Materials and Methods, there is no information on copper Ethernet cable.  Can clarification be provided?

Response:  See Section 40 66 00, article 2.01.


Question:  Are existing surfaces that are not damaged or exposed during construction to be coated?

Response:  No.

Question:  Is existing piping that is not damaged or exposed by construction to be coated?

Response:  No.

Question:  Where are the steel doors and frames located that are to be painted per item 1.01.A.8 of specification section 09 96 00?

Response:  There are no steel doors and frames being coated on this project.

Question:  What are the domestic requirements as they relate to American Iron and Steel products on this job?

Response:  There is no American Iron and Steel requirement on this project.


Question:  Concrete Coating - Please confirm if there is any coating required on the new concrete walls in the Aeration Basins?

Response:  No coatings are specified for the new concrete in the aeration tanks. 

Question:  On this project, does the material have any country of origin requirements?

Response:  No.


Addendum #2


Addendum #1


Question 1:  I am writing in regards to the Mill Creek WRF project that is out to bid. Bid number 17223. We are the area rep for ABB Automation and a distributor for Sierra Instruments.  We would like to offer, as equals, Sierra Instruments for the thermal dispersion/aeration meters and ABB for the pressure transmitter. They are located in specification sections:

40 71 00 – Flow Instrumentation

40 73 00 – Pressure Instrumentation


Thank you for your application for acceptance of substitutes and “or-equal” items. We intend to follow our standards laid out in the Bid Documents and Specifications, Instructions to Bidders, Article 11 listed below.


11.01 Materials and equipment described in the Contract Documents by using the name of a proprietary item or name of a particular supplier is intended to establish type, function, and quality required. Unless the specification or description contains or is followed by words reading that no like, equivalent, or "or-equal" item or no substitution is permitted, a substitute or "or-equal" item of material or equipment may be furnished or used by CONTRACTOR if acceptable to ENGINEER. Application for acceptance of substitutes and "or-equal" items will not be considered by ENGINEER until after the Effective Date of Agreement. The procedure for submission of any such application by CONTRACTOR and consideration by ENGINEER is set forth in Paragraph 6.05 of the General Conditions and may be supplemented in the Supplementary Conditions or General Requirements.