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17195 Payroll Services Provider for Lake County


Q)You mention 180 employees swap shifts.  Which department(s) have the requirement for shift swaps?

A)Correction Officers and some Health Department employees

Q)Which department(s) require a first come first serve or lottery style for vacation requests?  How many employees does this impact?  How are you managing this today?

A) Sheriff’s Office, Division of Transportation, Public Works, some Health Dept. employees and Facilities Maintenance which effects approximately 600 employees.  Departments are managing this on their end.

Q)Does your Sheriff’s department currently  use a Public Safety Scheduling Solution?   If so, what system and will you continue to use that system or is scheduling for your Sheriff’s department expected to be included as a part of this project? 

A)They use a scheduler but it is not being used to its fullest capacity (does not meet our needs).  We will want to get a new scheduler and yes as part of this project. 

Q)Will employees of your Sheriff’s department be required to clock in/out or record start and stop times or will they be paid based on a confirmed schedule?  A) At this time, it is believed they will be paid accordingly to their schedule.


Q) How many of the 2700 employees currently use the time capture solution today?
A) All hourly employees will need timekeeping which is approximately 2100 employees. Some exempt employees have to track time for grant and costing purposes – approximately 160. And all exempt employees use it for time off tracking. (630 EE’s)

Q) Section 2 of the General Terms and Conditions describes the process a Proposer should use to provide copies that have been redacted of information that is exempt from disclosure under the Illinois FOIA.  However, it does not include any commitment by the County that, in the absence of a FOIA request, the County will preserve the confidentiality of marked materials.  Will the County kindly provide that commitment?  The body of laws known as the Statute of Frauds (a set of laws requiring certain types of commitments to be in writing to be enforceable) requires that a confidentiality commitment be in writing.  
A) To the extent Lake County comes into the possession of any trade secrets or any other proprietary or confidential information Lake County shall protect the confidentiality of such information to the maximum extent allowed by law.
The vendor is responsible for determining which information is proprietary or confidential consistent with Section 7(1)(g) of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/7(1)(g), which provides an exemption for:

 information obtained from a person or business where the trade secrets or commercial or financial information are furnished under a claim that they are proprietary, privileged or confidential, and that disclosure of the trade secrets or commercial or financial information would cause competitive harm to the person or business, and only insofar as the claim directly applies to the records requested.

The vendor shall provide Lake County an edited copy of any document it claims contains proprietary and confidential information, with the propriety and confidential information removed, for public disclosure.  The removal shall be clearly marked or otherwise indicated on the document.
Workday shall indemnify Lake County against any legal liability associated with challenges to withholding the information.  This includes applicable costs and legal fees Lake County incurs or a requesting party may receive.  The vendor releases Lake County from any claims or liability in the event that Lake County is required by law to release such information.



Q) Which interfaces will you need built to/from your new HR/PR system? 
Oracle ERP?   Benefits Providers?

A) Oracle Payroll Integration with other Oracle ERP Modules:
Lake County use Oracle ERP for their HR, Finance, Procurement and Asset Management needs. The current Oracle Payroll is an integral part of this system and linked to many modules.
The following describes the summary level integration of payroll:
Oracle Human Resources: stores Employee data and costing information
Oracle Accounts Payable: receives third party payments information from payroll and sends employee reimbursement data to payroll
Oracle Benefits: provides benefit plan deduction information for payroll to process
Oracle Time & Labor: provides approved timecard data to payroll
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE): reads payroll data to create BI dashboards
Oracle General Ledger: receives processed employee payroll entries with the accounting data
Oracle Projects & Grants: receives the processed payroll data of the employees related to specific projects and/or grants
Oracle Cash Management: receives checks/direct deposit information along with positive pay file
Oracle Hyperion: Payroll data is interfaced to Hyperion system for budgeting
Lake County has many vendor interfaces using the payroll data periodically. The interfaces include the following:
• IMRF – Retirement system
• Unemployment
• TALX – Employee verification
• AFLAC - Insurance
• Compsych – FMLA data

Note: We expect the vendor to have experience in integrating with Oracle ERP, because these connection points require many data elements exchanged between payroll and other Oracle Modules

Q) Lake County explains that the Intent of the proposal is for Outsourcing Payroll. Additional information in the proposal ask for validation of functional requirements and pricing  for Electronic Time Collection, Payroll and Tax processing, and Benefits Administration. What exactly is the scope of the project that Lake County is asking to be proposed. Are the additional services options or to be included in the initial scope?

A) Please refer to the Scope of Work for on page 11 of the RFP


Q) It is mentioned in the document that Lake County would like an “outsourced comprehensive payroll solution”.  Can you please provide Lake County’s definition of “outsourced”?  Do you intend to retain payroll staff at Lake County or do you want to payroll to be completely administered by the vendor?
A) We are looking for a payroll solution to provide payroll services/processes but not replace our payroll staff. 

Q) Please provide:
a. Number of locations  We have 27 departments
b. Number of locations that process payroll Most of them do timekeeping but our Central Payroll department does all the payroll processing.  Our Sheriff’s Office, Health Dept. and Division of Transportation have at least one dedicated payroll staff. 
c. Number of collective bargaining units We have 11 with one in the works. 
d. Please provide a list of any third party exports required (ie benefit carriers, retirement) Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optum(Rx), Delta Dental, Superior Vision, Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, Nationwide Retirement, HSA & FSA
e. Number of benefit plans required. We have four Medical plans, two dental, two vision plans and voluntary benefits

Q) When would Lake County like to go live on the solution?

A) January 2019

Q) Who are the other vendors responding to this RFP?

A) Lake County will accept all vendors proposals through the deadline of October 12, 2017 at 2p.m.

Q) It is against our security policy to provide documents via USB flash drive.  Can we share the document via Dropbox or another secure platform?

A) Please password protect the USB flash drive

Q) Who is the 3rd party consultant referred to in the RFP evaluation criteria? 

A) Matrix Consulting

Q) The scope of this solution includes time keeping, payroll and benefit management, but not the County’s complete HR business functions being served by the current Oracle E-Business Suite solution.  Will the County be looking to implement solutions for its other HR business functions that are not currently in scope of this RFP in the near future?  YES Will consideration be given for a solution that can meet all of the County’s HR (and Financial) business needs for future business planning as opposed to only the scope of this RFP? YES

Q) Is the County looking to outsource all of its payroll, timekeeping and benefit business functions as part of this solution (i.e. not have employees responsible for these functions), or only to purchase and implement technology solution to enable all of these business functions and reporting (with employees continuing to be responsible for these business functions)? A)  The latter, only to purchase and implement technology solution to enable all of these business functions and reporting (with employees continuing to be responsible for these business functions) Said differently, the County is currently using Oracle which provides the technology for the business processes, but the County employees still manage the business processes. Is the County looking to keep this approach (and simply replace the technology) or is the County looking to outsource these business functions to a 3rd party?

A)  the County looking to keep this approach (and simply replace the technology)


Q) Redacted Version: Does the redacted version need to be printed?  Or should this version be added to the USB? A) The redacted copy can be provided with a USB and does not have to be printed.

Q) USB: Per Ultimate Software’s Security policies and procedures, all USBs need to be encrypted and password-protected.  Will you accept a password-protected USB?  The document will NOT be password protected. A) Yes, a password protected USB is acceptable.


Q) Total Amount of Employees for Lake County?

A) 2,700

Q) How many Managers would use this system? I saw 29 departments, so at least 29, but do you have other assistant managers or other personnel that would look at a timecard and change anything? We do have an audit trail that will mandate comments on why things were changed. Not sure at this time. 

A) Yes, we currently are set-up to allow supervisor’s, managers, timekeepers and department Liaisons view and make changes.  Most departments use supervisor/manager approvals along with a liaison who could correct as well.

Q) How many Accrual (PTO, Vacation, Sick) Policies?

A) We currently have personal, vacation, sick, fixed holiday’s, floating holidays and compensatory time.

Q) How many Time Clocks are needed? Looks like 45 TimeClocks. Are they Badge Swipe? Are they Biometric? Are they Proximity? Approximately 45 are needed. 

A) We have 5 biometric and the rest are badge swipe.

Q) How many employees would need to swap shifts?


Q)Are you looking at a Cloud Environment or an on Premise solution?

A) Cloud environment.

A.      How many EIN’s? I would guess only one, but wanted to confirm. A) one
B.      How many Direct Deposits?  A) Averaging about 2,430 a pay period
C.      How many Agency Checks (garnishments, child support, etc…) A)25
D.      How many W-2 in the tax year of 2016? I saw 3,795. A)This is correct (includes election workers and other non-employee W2’s)