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15236 Temporary Employment Service for Lake County

Addendum 1

Addendum 1


RFP 15236 Temporary Employment Services

Question: How many temporary workers are currently assigned to Lake Country at the time this RFP was issued?

Response: We have fluctuation in the number of temporaries through our current vendor, but our departments have flexibility to hire based on their unique requirements.

Question: How many temporary workers started assignments thus far in 2015?

Response: 7 from our primary agency; however, our departments have the flexibility to use other agencies based on their unique requirements.

Question: How many staffing firms does Lake Country want to align as a result of this RFP?

Response: Lake County is aligning one Primary staffing firm but reserves the right to award to secondary or multiple providers.

Question: How many staffing firms does Lake County currently use?

Response: We currently have a contract with one agency. For unique positions such as Nurses, or a skilled trade other agencies may utilized.

Question: Does Lake County use a system to distribute requisitions for temporary labor?  If so, can Lake County describe the system?

Response: Lake County does not host a system to distribute requisitions for temporary labor.  We would expect the selected vendor to provide a system that would make it easy for our 26 departments to expedite the ordering process.

Question: The RFP states that Lake County may refer candidates to a supplier.  Are these referrals made for the purpose of filling specific open temporary positions or are the referrals made to simply build the candidate pool of the supplier?

Response: Filling specific open temporary positions

Question: The statement of work section on Page 13 states that Lake County is looking for a supplier to provide an “on-line job order requisition” system.  Can Lake County provide any additional information on the functionality that you are looking for in a tool?

Response: We are looking for functionality that will allow our 26 departments to go online and order a temporary to fill a vacancy.  This system would also need to provide separate billing for each department.

Question:  Can Lake County provide the payment terms?

Response: Net 30 All Payments shall be made in accordance with the Local Government Prompt Payment Act. 50 ILCS 505/1 et seq.

Question: Can Lake County provide the formula that is used to calculate the overtime bill rate?

Response: Lake County is interested in best practices as it relates to overtime bill rates.

Question: The Pricing Sheet ask for the short term and the long term markup percentage for the seven (7) positions that are listed.  Does Lake County also want us to provide a markup for skilled professional and managerial positions as well?

Response: Yes if it is different.

Question: Can Lake County provide the agreement that will govern the relationship with suppliers?

Response: The terms of the agreement will be contractually established between Lake County and the vendor at the time the contract is awarded, based on details and key requirements as provided in our RFP. However the terms and conditions of such agreement will be the same as identified in the RFP. 

Question: Understanding that you will abide by the Local Government Prompt Payment Act, will you please share what your current time to pay is?

Response: Net 30

Question: Please share or direct us to where we can find a copy of Article 9 of the Lake County Purchasing Ordinance.

Response: Please go to  the following link for a copy of the Lake County Purchasing Ordinance:

Question: Is there a payment bond required for this contract?

Response: No

Question: Will you please provide a list of the county locations that have used temporary help in the past, including address and location?

Response: Our primary location is 18 North County Street, Waukegan. However, we are hoping to have a more standardized process for temps, and that being the case it is possible that temps may be placed in any of our locations.  To see a full list of county sites, please visit

Question: Please expand upon the expected level of drug screening (5 panel? 10 panel? Saliva? Urine?) and background checks (National Criminal Search? 7 Year Felony/Misdemeanor? Sex Offender? Etc) that the County is looking for.

Response: We use a 10 panel and standard background check for most of our positions, but requirements can vary. Because the contractors will be employees of your agency, we expect you to utilize your normal standard for pre-employment screening, unless notified of additional position-based requirements in the requisition.

Question: Regarding the statement “on all potential employees” does that mean the County expects the background and drug be competed prior to the resume submittal for consideration?  Or will it be acceptable if those screenings are run at the time of offer?

Response: Only candidates who are ready to start immediately should be submitted in response to a requisition.

Question: Does your current staffing provider cover those costs?  Or are they passed through to the County?  What is your expectation for this contract?

Response: Our current provider incorporates those costs in the bill rate.  Our expectation is that the provider will ensure that the candidates pre-screening meets our needs with a cost within industry standards.   Pre-employment testing costs should be taken into consideration when providing your markup rate in the RFP.  Providers have the option to indicate what costs are in the mark-up.

Question: Please elaborate on the types of roles our employees may fill if they are “assigned to a secured detention facility or Courts Complex”.

Response:  If those facilities were to hire a temporary, it would be a clerical role.  The possibility of that need arising is rare.  Other positions within the detention facility would not be filled with a temporary.

Question: Please define the County’s understanding of a “reasonable probation period” to hire temporary employees.

Response:  There is no standard probation period for temps to hire. Typically these are short-term assignments.  If the position is vacant, and a temporary fills the vacancy they would have the opportunity to apply for the opening if posted. The reasonable period may vary.  We do have a standard probationary period of 6 months for new regular hires.

Question: What is the standard currently in place?

Response:  There is no standard for temps to hire, only new hires.

Question: Pleases provide examples of what costs may be incurred by your staffing provider in the event our employee is a “No Show” and we should be responsible to “cover the costs for Lake County” to fill the scheduled shift.

Response: If it is critical for Lake County to have a person in a specific position and we have a no show and you are not able to provide a replacement you would be responsible to cover the bill rate associated with filling the position through another agency.

Question: Of the positions the County is looking to fill in an average year, how many of those are “short term” and how many are “long term”?

Response: 95% are short-term positions

Question: Will the County be providing a contract to be signed?  Or will you sign a contract from the staffing partner you select?  If it is your contract, will you please provide a copy of that?

Response: The County will be willing to review the Providers contract to execute. The County will look to enter into a services contract and the terms and conditions that will be required to be met are identified within the RFP.

Question: Will you provide answers to all questions submitted by all potential responders?

Response: As noted in the RFP page 4. Addenda:

Any and all changes to the specifications and terms and conditions of this RFP are valid only if they are included by addendum issued by Lake County Purchasing.  Proposers shall acknowledge addenda by signing the enclosed Addendum Acknowledgement form.  Failure of any proposer to receive any such addendum or interpretation shall not relieve the proposer from obligation under this RFP as submitted.  All addenda as issued shall become part of the RFP documents. It is the vendor’s responsibility to check for addendums, posted on the website at prior to the submittal due date.  No notification will be sent when addendums are posted unless there is an addendum issued within three business days of the submittal due date.