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Jaime Property and the Skokie River Overland Flow Path re-Establishement Project

Addendum June 9 2017


Jaime Property Phase 3 and the Skokie River Overland Flow Path
Re-Establishment Project

Addendum #2-June 9, 2017

PRE-BID MEETING 10:00 AM, June 8, 2017

QUESTION #1:  What size coir log is required?

Bid Document Reference(s):  Bid Form-PDF Page 21, Technical Specifications, Section TS00105.01 Coir Log-PDF Page 103, and Technical Specifications Exhibit A-PDF Page 105

ANSWER #1:     Diameter of Coir log (in) must be 12”, with a density (lb/ft3) of 5 with approximate weight (lbs/ft) of 3.95.


QUESTION #2:  Are there CAD drawings available for Existing and Proposed conditions?

ANSWER #2:     Yes, CAD drawings for Existing and Proposed conditions have been uploaded to the Document Section of the bid document.


QUESTION #3:  Do the stockpiles of soil require SE/SC measures?

Bid Document Reference: Invitation to Bid, Paragraph 4-PDF Page 3, Special Provisions, Division SP00200-Earthwork & Erosion Control-PDF Page 115

ANSWER #3:     Yes, a silt fence will be required.  This item has been added to the “Items as ordered by Engineer” section 2 of the BID FORM with a LF unit and quantity of TBD.  Because the exact size of the stockpile is unknown, a price per LF is requested and the

actual quantity will be determined by the size of stockpile(s). A revised BID FORM has been uploaded to the Document section of the bid document. This document replaces the original bid form from PDF page 22.


QUESTION #4:  How will the final elevations in the field be verified for accuracy?

Bid Document Reference:  Construction Plan Set, Proposed Conditions-Sheet 3

ANSWER #4:     The SMC Engineer will verify elevations during excavation.  Any survey work or benchmarks will be established by SMC.

QUESTION #5:  What is the depth is needed for deep chisel plowing?

Bid Document Reference: Invitation to Bid, paragraph 4-PDF Page 3

ANSWER #5:     The depth of deep chisel plowing should be at least 12”. 

Addendum #1-June 2, 2017


1.)  QUESTION (5/30/17):

Is there a specification for native seeding and erosion control blanket? Is that being performed under a separate contract or should it be included as incidental to the excavation?

RESPONSE: The reference to “native seeding” on page 115 is an error.  Restoration activities of this site will be bid under a separate contract.


2.)  NEW REQUIREMENT (06/02/17):

Site access to be used is 22nd Street (via Hillcrest from MLK Jr.).  Speed limit of 20 MPH or less must be observed.  Any dust and/or debris on the streets MUST BE CLEANED OFF DAILY!