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SEPTEMBER 19, 2019


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September 24, 2019


Question :Does this project need painting services?

Response: Yes the project requires painting work.The painting shall be bid through a General Contractor.

Friday September 27, 2019


Notice Sub Contractor site tour to be conducted at 3010 Grand Ave Waukegan, IL at 7:00AM on Wednesday October 2, 2019

Question: I had an RFI about the project. there is a spec section 070553 fire wall signs however, I can’t seem to find a detail on the plan that is pertaining to the fire wall signs. Can you please advise?    

Response: Fire wall signs are required at designated fire rated walls as specified and in accordance with Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

UPDATED OCT 3, 2019 9:00AM

Please see questions below and note the following:

Question: Plan Page A200 appears to call out to remove all resilient tile within the project area. This area includes (4) restrooms.  It does not appear that these rooms are called out for new floor finishes.  Please confirm the flooring in the restrooms are existing to remain

Response:There is no renovation work to be done at toilet rooms 01603, 01607, 01109 or 01110 nor is any resilient tile shown at these locations.  The balance of Sheet A200 correctly indicates the required work scope.

Question: Per Sheet A500, Keynote 8.804, we are to provide decorative glazing (DG1) at the Intake Area 01602 & 01606 reception desks to conceal the computer terminals however the elevations on Sheet A930 use Keynote 8.803 and call out fire protection rated glazing (RG1). Please clarify, what type of glazing is to be provided at these locations

Response: The Decorative Glazing (DG1) as shown on Sheet A500, detail 2; Keynote 8.804 is correct.  The glass on the desktop that conceals the computer terminals is Type (DG-1) as specified in Section 08 80 00 – Glazing.  Sheet A930 details 1, 4, 5, 10 have all been revised to indicate revised keynote 8.804 to match Sheet A500.  Please refer to added posted Bid Doc revised Sheet A930, revision cloud 1 dated 10/02/2019 noting this correction.