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RFP 17209 Integrated Case Management

Addendum # 1

November 10, 2017


11. Q.  In Proposer Staffing (Pg 30) in RFP document, you mentioned "resumes of key personnel". For that, do we need to provide Sample (Representative) or live resumes?

A. Per E.7.1 on page 30, provide the actual resumes of the key personnel including education, areas of expertise, professional certifications, and other projects on which they have worked and their roles in those projects.

12. Q. What is the Place of Performance (Onsite/Offsite)?

A. Please refer to question three below of the questions dated October 10.

13. Q. Is this Multiple or Single Award?

A. The County will accept and review proposals for any one or more of the systems in the Introduction of the RFP on page 1. In the event that certain Proposers meet the needs of some systems but not all systems, the County reserves the right to divide this scope into discrete contracts with multiple vendors, or to award a contract for less than the full scope outlined in this RFP in order to best meet the needs of the Justice Partners.

14. Q. Do you prequalify the Vendor's list?

A. A prequalification of vendors was not completed for this specific procurement.

15. Q. What are the Work hours for the proposed staff? (24*7*365, Day shift and so on...)

A. The standard work hours for this implementation is unknown at this time. This will depend on the solutions selected, implementation plan and the desires of each justice partner.  However, the business hours of the Circuit Court and its justice partners generally are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

16. Q. Is performance bond required?

A. No.

17. Q. What is the term of the Contract?

A. The County will consider the term of contract offered by the Proposer. The County intends to implement and use the ICMS for the foreseeable future.

18. Q. What is the Start date of the project?

A. Responses are due January 4, at which point we will enter the four-phase RFP Evaluation Process.  Lake County anticipates the award to be approved at the May 8, 2018 County Board Meeting if the process moves forward as planned.  

October 17, 2017

  1. Q. Whether companies from Outside USA can apply for this?  (like, from India or Canada)
    1. Yes, all proposers are invited to submit proposals.
  2. Q. Whether we need to come over there for meetings?
    1. Finalists will be invited to provide a demonstration in Lake County of the proposed module(s). This will include demonstrating scenarios as described in section B.6. Demonstrations may take about one day per module, up to four days if all modules are being offered by the Proposer.
  3. Q. Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA? (like, from India or Canada)
    1. Yes, if you are referring to preparing your proposal. Implementation tasks must be performed on site.
  4. Q. Can we submit the proposals via email?
    1. No, proposers are to submit their responses via DecisionDirector as well as provide written verification that the answers provided are complete, accurate, and final.
  5. Q. What is the estimated cost of the Integrated Case Management System project?
    1. Lake County shall negotiate a contract with the best qualified proposer at the compensation determined in writing to be fair and reasonable.
  6. Q. Has the Department allocated funding for the Integrated Case Management System yet? If so, through which source (budget, CIP, state/federal grant, etc.)? If no funding is secured, which sources will be sought and when? If utilizing a grant, would you be able to specify which one?
    1. The Integrated Case Management System includes various stakeholders. Accordingly, the sources within the financial model will vary.  It will be funded through various sources within the County, that could include one-time capital, special revenues and other county funding sources, both on-going and one-time.
  7. Q. Does the Department need to replace or upgrade any of the integrated systems in the next 5 years? If so, which system and when?
    1. If the IT department replaces or upgrades components of the Justice Technology Architecture described in Section D.5, that will not affect how Proposers will respond to the RFP.
  8. Q. Who currently provides Integrated Case Management System?
    1. Please read section D.1 and D.5 of the RFP document.
  9. Q. Who is the technical contact and/or project manager for the Integrated Case Management System?
    1. The Integrated Case Management System project plan will be prepared in consultation with the justice entities and County IT.  Also, please refer to RFP Section E.7.2 Lake County Staffing which identifies the kinds of staff resources available during implementation.
  10. Q. Does the Department anticipate any professional or consulting services may be needed through separate procurements to accomplish this effort? (i.e. project planning/oversight, PM, QA, IV&V, staff augmentation, implementation services etc.)? If so, what services does the Department desire and how do they anticipate to procure?
    1. Please refer to RFP Section E.7.2 Lake County Staffing which identifies the kinds of staff resources available during implementation.  Lake County’s expectation is that the successful vendor will have a full complement of dedicated project staff, including a project manager, for the duration of the implementation.  The need for auxiliary professional/consulting services will be dependent on the solution (s) selected and the internal resources available at the time of implementation.  If necessary, there will be separate procurement activities completed.


October 10, 2017

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