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RFP 17112 Offsite Record Storage

Addendum # 1

September 14, 2017

Q.  Does the client have an electronic file of what is included within each box. If not, will vendor be required to data entry carton or file data.

A. Yes, Lake County has a record.

Q.  Is vendor required to pack any files in to cartons

A.  Vendor shall be expected to refile an item that is pulled from a box. 

Q.  What access will vendor have for initial pickup of cartons.  Is there a loading dock?  If loading dock will all boxes be ready for pickup, or is the vendor expected to pick up boxes from different departments within the facility. 

A.  Yes, there is a loading dock.  If initial pickup then files should be ready for pickup.  If during the course of standard pick up then yes it’s from the different departments within the facility.

Q.  p. 11  Section 1:  "different" media . . what are the types?  

A.  Microfilm, or other similar electronic media

Q. What is the average amount of retrievals/pickups/deliveries per month?

A. About 157

Q. Is there metadata for each box, such as descriptions, date of record, destruction dates, etc., which is being kept in a database of some sort?

A. Yes.

Q. Are the boxes currently being tracked with a barcode system tied into an electronic inventory?

 A. Yes.

Q. Where will the pick-up/delivery points be during the course of regular business?

A.  Picks up will at the corresponding departments facilities.  A majority are located in Waukegan, IL with a few in Libertyville, IL. 

Q. What is the current exit fee or permanent removal fee from current vendor? 

A. There is a $2 cost for the box/file pull, then the permanent withdrawal fee of $3, for a total of $5.

Q. How often does Lake County destroy boxes and when was the last time this was done?  Are any of the boxes for the RFP earmarked for destruction in next year?

A. Each Department is tasked with destruction per their applicable State of IL statute if required.  Over the life of the current contract Lake County has destroyed about 30,000 boxes.

Q. Are there permanent removal costs associated with moving from Vanguard?  If so, what are those costs?

A.  Yes.  There is a $2 cost for the box/file pull, then the permanent withdrawal fee of $3, for a total of $5.

Q.  Is the new vendor obligated to pay or is Lake County assuming those fees?

A. No, Lake County will assume the fees

September 13, 2017

Q. Where are the 35,000 cubic feet of storage currently located?

A.  Lake County’s files are currently stored with Vanguard Archives in Franklin Park, IL

Q. Is Lake County open to a longer initial term on the contract? Rather than the two year initial term maybe a five year term with the one year optional renewals?

A.  No. 

Q.  Is current vendor storing the items for free?

A.  No.

Q.  Does the current vendor and or Lake county have an electronic data base of the boxes to be transferred with description details?

A.  Yes.

September 11, 2017

Q.  Who is the County's current provider?

A. Vanguard Archives

Q. Why is this out for RFP?

A.  The current contract has reached the five year max term.

Q. Do you need references?

A.  Yes, please provide references of current customers.

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